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Items Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

I've separated the items by type, so that they can be more easily identified. If you find any errors, please let me know!

Recovery Items
Curia Crystal Cures 1 character of all status effects except KO 30
Healing Salve Regenerates health for 1 character 50
Ilchymix Recovers party's HP and MP to full (can't use in battle) N/A
Magic Dew Recovers 10 MP for one character 400
Magic Droplet Recovers 1 MP for one character 40
Polly's Special Recovers party's HP and MP to full (can't use in battle) N/A
Risan Crystal Chance of reviving one character from KO with half HP 150
Riselem Box Casts Riselem spell (multi-use) N/A
Riselem Crystal Revives one character with full HP 450
Sacres Crystal Restores 1000 HP to one character 60
Sacri Box Casts Sacri spell (multi-use) 800
Sacri Crystal Restores 500 HP to one character 20
Sacrulen Box Casts Sacrulen spell (multi-use) 1200
Sacrulen Crystal Restores all HP for one character 200
Sacrum Crystal Restores 1000 HP to all characters 600
Urala's Lunch Recovers party's HP and MP to full (can't use in battle) N/A

Attack Items
Crystalen Box Casts Crystalen spell (multi-use) 1600
Crystales Box Casts Crystales spell (multi-use) 800
Driln Box Casts Driln spell (multi-use) 600
Electri Box Casts Electri spell (multi-use) 400
Electrum Box Casts Electrum spell (multi-use) 1200
Panika Box Casts Panika spell (multi-use) 1200
Pyri Box Cast Pyri spell (multi-use) 400
Pyrum Box Cast Pyrum spell (multi-use) 1200
Slipara Box Casts Slipara spell (multi-use) 1200
Sylenis Box Casts Sylenis spell (multi-use) 600
Wevlen Box Casts Wevlen spell (multi-use) 1600
Wevles Box Casts Wevles spell (multi-use) 800

Battle Items
Aura of Valor Maxes out SP N/A
Glyph of Might Increases one character's Power 100
Glyph of Speed Increases one character's Quickness 100

Dexus Seed 1 character Agility +1 5000
Icyl Seed 1 character Will +3 5000
Magus Seed 1 character Max MP +1 5000
Paranta Seed 1 character Power +3 5000
Sylph Seed 1 character Quick + 3 5000
Vidal Seed 1 character Max HP +30 5000
Zaal Seed 1 character Vigor +3 5000

Kite Ray Sells for 5 gold N/A
Red Sardis Sells for 10 gold N/A
Sky Sardis Sells for 1 gold N/A
Stealth Ray Sells for 50 gold N/A

Zivilyn Bane Items
Chalice of Blood Sells for 5,000 gold N/A
Gold Pollen Sells for 5,000 gold N/A
Golden Mask Sells for 2,000 gold N/A
Soul Crystal Sells for 3000 gold N/A
Unholy Dagger Sells for 4000 gold N/A
Windsong Orb Sells for 6000 gold N/A
Winter Orb Sells for 7000 gold N/A

Miscellaneous Items
Abirik Cham Instantly evolves Cupil N/A
Black Map Draws a battle and improves chance for first strike N/A
Cham Slowly evolves Cupil N/A
Chom Causes Cupil to regurgitate all Chams he's consumed 3000
Moonberry Learn special moves N/A

Skies of Arcadia Legends Items

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