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Status Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

There are, unfortunately, no positive status effects in The Legend of Dragoon. All of the listed status ailments may be cured by transforming into a Dragoon.

Status Ailments
Status Indicator Effect Cure
Arm Blocking Black cloud around character Cannot attack with weapon Wait 3 turns, or use Body Purifier
Bewitchment Pink hearts around character Character attacks allies Wait 3 turns, or use Mind Purifier
Confusion Yellow question marks around character May attempt to run away or attack allies Wait 3 turns, or use Mind Purifier
Dispiriting Character slumps and darkens slightly SP cannot be gained Use Mind Purifier
Fear Blue skulls float around character Halves attack and defense Use Mind Purifier
Petrification Character falls down and a stone appears over him/her Character is unable to act Use Depetrifier
Poison Green cloud around character Character loses 10% of max HP every turn Use Body Purifier
Stunning Character falls down and blue dots float over him/her Character is unable to act Wait 3 turns, or use Body Purifier

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