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Stardust Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

This guide lists the locations of all the Stardust in the game. Gathering Stardust enables you to face Magician Faust on Disc 4, if you find them all. You also get great items for finding them, so make sure you get them!

Disc One (20 Stardust)

Seles (1 Stardust)
* Among the graves to the left of the exit

Bale (6 Stardust)
* Bucket of spears in the Weapon Shop
* Well outside Lavitz' house
* Kitchen of Lavitz' house
* A fireplace on the first floor of Indels Castle
* The top left room on the third floor of Indels Castle
* When riding the boat, choose to get off when given the option near a door. Go in the door and search the barrels at the north end of the room.

Hoax (2 Stardust)
* Below and to the left of the commander's desk
* The fireplace in the basement of the upper left house

The Marshland (1 Stardust)
* At the fireplace in the conquered fort

Lohan (4 Stardust)
* In one of the pots next to the entrance, near the guard in blue
* In a basket near the entrance to the Arena
* In the suit of armour in Dabas' Antiques
* Go down the hidden ladder in the bookshelf (press X at the ! icon when examining the bookshelf) and check the fireplace

Black Castle Kazas (6 Stardust)
* In the first house on the left, search the barrels.
* Climb the ladder in the first house on the right and search to the left of the treasure chest.
* In the weapon shop, search to the left of the counter.
* In the resistance town, search the bookshelf in the top room.
* In the shop in the resistance town, search the barrel at the bottom left.
* In the shop in the resistance town, search the barrel at the bottom of the left hand staircase.

Disc Two (15 Stardust)

Fletz (7 Stardust)
* Search the crates in the hallway outside the bar.
* Climb up onto the roof of the structure up and to the right of Nello's home and search there.
* Search the left-hand box in the weapon shop.
* Search the tray of gems at the bottom of the screen in the accessory shop.
* Search the telescope in the item shop.
* Examine the statue to the right in the entrance hall of the castle.
* Search the room at the base of the right-hand tower of the castle.

Donau (2 Stardust)
* Examine the pools of water to the left of the entrance.
* Search the sink in the mayor's house.

Home of the Gigantos (1 Stardust)
* Search the right hand candlestick.

Queen Fury (2 Stardust)
* In the wheelbarrow next to Kongol in the engine room
* To the right outside the cabin where Albert is

Lideria (1 Stardust)
* In the tent with the save point, go outside onto the roof and climb down the ladder. Search the cupboard.

Fueno (2 Stardust)
* Below the stairs in the Inn
* Examine the painting near the stairs in the clinic

Disc Three (11 Stardust)

Furni (2 Stardust)
* In the first house to the right, check the barrels.
* Slide down into the basement of Teo's house and examine the right side of the room.

Wingly Forest (2 Stardust)
* Examine the top right corner of Guaraha's room
* To the right of the exit from the recovery point, in a pillar

Neet (1 Stardust)
* In the lamp post near the entrance

Deningrad (5 Stardust)
Please note: you cannot get these Stardust until after you have completed the quest to the Mountain of Mortal Dragon!
* The second floor of the Inn, near the device on the north wall
* There are two Stardust in the piles in front of the item/weapon shop
* Check the path to the left of Sacred Sister Wink
* Examine the pile of rubble behind Sacred Sister Luanna

Vellweb (1 Stardust)
* In the ruined altar at the central tower

Disc Four (4 Stardust)

Ulara (3 Stardust)
* Examine the pot on the north wall of the weapon shop
* Examine the rose beds
* Examine the large, dead plant (right and up the stairs from the mass of red flowers)

* Outside Martel's door in a pot

For giving the Stardust to Martel, you receive the following treasures:

10 Stardust Physical Ring
20 Stardust Amulet
30 Stardust Wargod's Sash
40 Stardust Rainbow Earring
50 Stardust Vanishing Stone

I hope you found this guide helpful. I have done my best to make it clear and error-free. Please let me know if you find any mistakes!

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