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Special Monsters Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

There are a few monsters that are very quick, prone to running away, and difficult to kill. However, they are well worth the effort, as they are either worth a ton of XP, drop a lot of Gold, or (rarely) both. The following chart lists the locations and rewards for defeating these monsters, as well as a few hints. I think I got it all right, but if I didn't, please let me know so I can fix it.

Special Monsters
Name HP Element EXP Gold Drop Location Notes
00Parts 4 Void 0 600 Spirit Potion Near Lohan Speed, speed, speed. More speed. It can use Instant Death attacks.
Blue Bird 5 Water 1000 0 None Near Home of Giganto You can win Sachets from the Piggies in Home of Giganto. Use them.
Cursed Jar 4 Void 300 0 Night Raid Near Lohan Use Magic Signet Stone and have Meru in your party.
Lucky Jar 6 Void 1000 300 Moon Serenade Near Death Frontier Strong against both physical and magic attacks. Use Poison Needle or Sachet.
Rainbow Bird ? Void 3000 0 Rainbow Dress Queen Fury Almost nothing works. Use a Sachet.
Red Bird 6 Fire 0 1000 Phoenix Plume Near Furni/Evergreen Forest Use only magic or a Sachet. Don't use Sachet if it casts Magic Barrier.
Treasure Jar 6 Dark 0 0 Ruby Ring Near Fueno/Undersea Cavern Use only magic or a Sachet. Don't use Sachet if it casts Magic Barrier.
Yellow Bird 4 Earth 0 300 Elude Cloak Near Bale and Hoax Use physical attacks and hope you get lucky.

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