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Boss Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Welcome. This boss guide contains only stats and quick notes about bosses, not detailed strategies. For strategies, check out the walkthroughs posted on the site. Please be aware that some boss names are spoilers. A boss may not always drop the items listed.

Name HP Element Drop Notes
Albert ??? Wind None Event Boss
Archangel 3200 Light None -
Atlow 250 Dark None Event Boss
Belzac 16000 Earth Golden Stone -
Bomb Star 1400 Void None Boss Supporter
Bursting Bomb 100 Void None Boss Supporter
Caterpillar 5500 Void Moon Serenade -
Claire 2500 Thunder None -
Cleone 1400 Water None Boss Supporter
Commander (Marshland) 150 Dark Attack Ball -
Commander (Seles) 20 Dark Burn Out -
Crafty Thief 300 Dark Pellet Boss Supporter
Damia 9500 Water Blue Sea Stone -
Danton 220 Earth None Event Boss
Dark Doel 1500 Thunder None -
Death Rose 3000 Void None -
Divine Ball 2000 Void Dragon Shield Boss Supporter
Divine Cannon 2000 Void Gravity Grabber Boss Supporter
Divine Dragon 5000 Void Flash Hall -
Doel 650 Thunder None -
Dragon Spirit (Divine Dragon) 16,000 Void Flash Hall -
Dragon Spirit (Feyrbrand) 8000 Wind Down Burst -
Dragon Spirit (Regole) 12,000 Water Frozen Jet -
Dragoon Doel 1500 Thunder None -
Drake the Bandit 1150 Wind Bandit's Shoes, Bandit's Ring -
Feyrbrand 450 Wind Down Burst -
Fire Bird 600 Fire Spirit Cloak -
Freugel (First Fight) 90 Earth Knight Shield -
Freugel (Second Fight) 1000 Earth Gravity Grabber -
Gangster 500 Earth Bandit's Ring Boss Supporter
Gehrich 1700 Earth Soul Headband -
Ghost Commander 1300 Dark Night Raid -
Ghost Knight 300 Dark None Boss Supporter
Gorgaga 200 Void None Event Boss
Grand Jewel 4600 Earth Spectral Flash -
Greham 350 Wind Jade Dragon Dragoon Spirit, Plate Mail -
Guftas 450 Dark None Boss Supporter
Heart 3 Water None Boss Supporter
Hellena Warden 12 Fire Healing Potion Boss Supporter
Imago 12,000 Void Healing Rain -
Indora 3000 Earth Indora's Axe -
Jiango 1200 Earth Sachet -
Kamuy 3500 Void Darkness Stone -
Kanzas 12,000 Thunder Violet Stone -
Kongol (Black Castle) 1000 Earth Wargod Calling -
Kongol (Hoax) 250 Earth Power Wrist -
Kubila 3200 Dark None -
Last Kraken 10,000 Water Pretty Hammer -
Lavitz's Spirit 5500 Wind None -
Lenus (Fletz) 3400 Water None -
Lenus (Prison Island) 3000 Water Jeweled Crown -
Light Sword 1000 Thunder None Boss Supporter
Lloyd (Flanvel Tower) 6500 Void None -
Lloyd (Lohan) ?? Void None Event Boss
Magician Faust 27,000 Void Phantom Shield -
Mappy (Barrens) 600 Dark Total Vanishing -
Mappy (Home of Gigantos) 1200 Dark Diamond Claw Boss Supporter
Melbu Frahma 42,000 Void None -
Michael ?? Dark None -
Michael's Core 1500 Dark None Boss Supporter
Monster 1200 Void None Boss Supporter
Polter Armor 3800 Dark Smoke Ball -
Polter Helm 2400 Dark None -
Polter Sword 2800 Dark Soul Eater -
Pupa 2500 Void Sun Rhapsody -
Regole 3200 Water Frozen Jet -
Rodriguez 450 Wind None Boss Supporter
Sandora Elite (Black Castle) 500 Dark Healing Breeze -
Sandora Elite (Hoax) 260 Dark Healing Breeze -
Selebus 3000 Dark None -
Senior Warden 25 Fire Healing Potion Boss Supporter
Serfius 200 Fire None Event Boss
Shadow Sword 1000 Thunder None Boss Supporter
Shana ?? Light None Event Boss
Shirley ?? Light Silver Stone Event Boss
Snow Cannon 400 Water None Boss Supporter
Super Virage Arm 3000 Void None -
Super Virage Body 15,000 Void Healing Rain -
Super Virage Head 10,000 Void None -
Syuveil 10,000 Wind Jade Stone -
Tentacle 1400 Void None Boss Supporter
Uroburos 270 Earth Wargod's Amulet -
Vector 4000 Dark None -
Virage Arm (Forbidden Land) 5000 Void None -
Virage Arm (Valley of Corrupted Gravity) 350 Void None -
Virage Arm (Volcano Villude) 50 Void Mind Purifier -
Virage Body (Forbidden Land) 10,000 Void Healing Rain -
Virage Body (Valley of Corrupted Gravity) 800 Void None -
Virage Body (Volcano Villude) 350 Void Healing Potion -
Virage Head (Forbidden Land) 10,000 Void None -
Virage Head (Valley of Corrupted Gravity) 1500 Void Moon Serenade -
Virage Head (Volcano Villude) 350 Void Healing Potion -
Volcano Ball 50 Fire None Boss Supporter
Windigo 10,000 Water Brass Knuckle -
Wire 100 Void None Boss Supporter
Zackwell 8,000 Dark Healing Rain -
Zieg Feld 12,000 Fire None -

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