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by Lassarina Aoibhell

I've done my best to make this bestiary accurate, but I'm sure there's a mistake somewhere. Should you chance to find it, please let me know. Oh, and neither the "Special" monsters nor the bosses are included in this guide.

Monster HP Element Dropped Item Location
Aqua King 700 Water Angel's Prayer Aglis
Arrow Shooter 200 Earth Bemusing Arrow Barrens
Assassin Cock 3 Wind Healing Potion Forest near Seles
Baby Dragon 250 Thunder Mind Purifier Mountain of Mortal Dragon
Basilisk 700 ? Depetrifier Flanvel Tower
Beastie Dragon 320 Wind Total Vanishing Mountain of Mortal Dragon
Berserk Mouse 4 Dark Healing Potion Forest near Seles
Berserker 350 Dark Energy Girdle Home of Gigantos
Bowling 300 Void Attack Ball Snowfield
Cactus 350 Earth Recovery Ball Death Frontier
Canbria Dayfly 650 Wind Body Purifier Death Frontier
Crafty Thief 300 Dark Pellet Home of Gigantos
Crescent Bee 10 Wind Body Purifier Prairie
Crocodile 30 Water Pellet Marshland
Crystal Golem 150 Light Sapphire Pin Shirley's Shrine
Cute Cat 700 Thunder Dancer's Shoes Divine Tree
Dark Elf 450 Dark Depetrifier Evergreen Forest
Deadly Spider 300 Earth Body Purifier Mountain of Mortal Dragon
Death 250 Dark Angel's Prayer Phantom Ship
Death Purger 500 Dark Total Vanishing Zenebatos
Dragonfly 250 Thunder Angel's Prayer Valley of Corrupted Gravity
Earth Shaker 200 Earth (none) Barrens
Erupting Chick 100 Wind Mind Purifier Valley of Corrupted Gravity
Evil Spider 30 Earth Angel's Prayer Limestone Cave
Fairy 300 Light Sun Rhapsody Forbidden Land
Fire Spirit 30 Fire Spirit Cloak Volcano Villude
Flabby Troll 550 Earth Knight Shield Undersea Cavern
Flying Rat 300 Wind Angel's Prayer Evergreen Forest
Forest Runner 300 Wind Recovery Ball Evergreen Forest
Fowl Fighter 100 Fire Mind Purifier Hellena Prison
Freeze Knight 350 Water Fatal Blizzard Kashua Glacier
Frilled Lizard 150 Earth Healing Potion Barrens
Gangster 500 Earth Bandit's Ring Home of Gigantos
Gargoyle 100 Dark Dark Mist Shirley's Shrine
Glare 350 Water Mind Purifier Queen Fury or Undersea Cavern
Gnome 250 Earth Healing Potion Forbidden Land
Goblin 6 Fire Detonate Rock Forest near Seles
Guillotine 400 Dark Healing Breeze Zenebatos
Harpy 600 Wind (none) Zenebatos
Hell Hound 150 Fire (none) Black Castle
Hellena Warden 10 Fire Healing Potion Hellena Prison
Hellena Warden 12 Fire Healing Potion Hellena Prison
Hellena Warden 120 Fire Healing Potion Hellena Prison
Human Hunter 350 Dark Recovery Ball Mayfil
Hyper Skeleton 900 Dark Spear of Terror Mayfil
Icicle Ball 250 Water Spirit Potion Kashua Glacier
Jelly 650 Water Healing Fog Aglis
Killer Bird 100 Dark Panic Bell Valley of Corrupted Gravity
Knight of Sandora 5 Fire (none) Seles
Knight of Sandora 200 Fire (none) Black Castle
Land Skater 350 Water Spear Frost Kashua Glacier
Living Statue 50 Earth Detonate Rock Shirley's Shrine
Lizard Man 40 Earth Beast Fang Dragon's Nest
Loner Knight 800 Dark Soul Eater Mayfil
Mad Skull 1000 Thunder (none) Moon That Never Sets
Madman 1000 ? Body Purifier Flanvel Tower
Magician Bogy 600 Dark (none) Phantom Ship
Mammoth 1200 Earth Stunning Hammer Kashua Glacier
Mandrake 100 Water Sun Rhapsody Dragon's Nest
Manticore 1000 Dark Depetrifier Divine Tree
Mantis 20 Earth Pellet Prairie
Maximum Volt 550 Thunder Flash Hall Vellweb
Mega Sea Dragon 250 Fire Gushing Magma Mountain of Mortal Dragon
Mermaid 400 Water Spirit Potion Undersea Cavern
Merman 60 Water Spear Marshland
Metal Fang 650 ? Beast Fang Flanvel Tower
Minotaur 1000 Thunder Heavy Mace Aglis
Mole 15 Earth Angel's Prayer Prairie
Moss Dresser 300 Earth Healing Fog Evergreen Forest
Mountain Ape 1200 Earth Angel's Prayer Divine Tree
Mr. Bone 450 Dark Bastard Sword Fort Magrad, Snowfield
Myconid 30 Earth Body Purifier Marshland
Orc 30 Dark Dark Mist Limestone Cave
Piggy 200 Earth Sachet Home of Gigantos
Plague Rat 50 Earth Body Purifier Shirley's Shrine
Professor 800 Wind Sage Cloak Zenebatos
Psyche Druid 2000 Light (none) Moon That Never Sets
Puck 300 Earth Dancer's Ring Forbidden Land
Red Hot 40 Fire Body Purifier Volcano Villude
Roc 200 Wind Down Burst Valley of Corrupted Gravity
Rocky Turtle 500 Earth Guard Badge Kashua Glacier
Roulette Face 2200 Dark (none) Moon That Never Sets
Run Fast 60 Thunder Body Purifier Dragon's Nest
Salamander 45 Fire Sun Rhapsody Volcano Villude
Sandora Soldier 40 Fire Healing Potion Hoax
Sandora Soldier 60 Fire Healing Potion Marshland
Sandora Soldier 60 Water Sun Rhapsody Marshland
Sandworm 1400 Earth Spirit Potion Death Frontier
Scissorhands 80 Earth Meteor Fall Barrens
Scorpion 300 Earth Poison Needle Death Frontier
Screaming Bat 12 Dark Healing Potion Limestone Cave
Screw Shell 160 Water Healing Potion Queen Fury or Undersea Cavern
Scud Shark 400 Water Body Purifier Aglis
Sea Dragon 30 Fire Burn Out Marshland
Sea Piranha 300 Water Spear Frost Undersea Cavern
Senior Warden 25 Fire Healing Potion Hellena Prison
Senior Warden 150 Fire Healing Potion Hellena Prison
Skeleton 200 Dark Broad Sword Phantom Ship
Sky Chase 650 Wind Body Purifier Zenebatos
Slime 20 Earth Body Purifier Limestone Cave
Slug 1400 Earth Mind Purifier Divine Tree
Spector 250 Dark Midnight Terror Mayfil
Spider Urchin 100 Thunder Poison Needle Valley of Corrupted Gravity
Spiky Beetle 500 Earth Attack Ball Death Frontier
Spinning Head 400 Void Mind Purifier Forbidden Land
Spring Hitter 450 Void Healing Fog Vellweb
Stern Fish 750 Water Frozen Jet Aglis
Stinger 60 Wind Body Purifier Barrens
Strong Man 100 Earth Fake Power Wrist Shirley's Shrine
Succubus 400 Dark Platinum Collar Vellweb
Swift Dragon 900 Fire Burning Wave Moon That Never Sets
Terminator 500 Void Total Vanishing Vellweb
Toad Stool 150 Earth Body Purifier Forbidden Land
Trap Plant 1500 Water (none) Moon That Never Sets
Treant 6 Earth Pellet Forest near Seles
Triceratops 3000 Earth (none) Moon That Never Sets
Tricky Bat 30 Wind Mind Purifier Dragon's Nest
Ugly Balloon 35 Wind Poison Guard Limestone Cave
Undead 600 Dark Mind Purifier Mayfil
Unicorn 1250 Light Healing Rain Moon That Never Sets
Vampire Kiwi 10 Dark Healing Potion Prairie
White Ape 500 Earth Healing Potion Snowfield
Wildman 800 Thunder Giganto Ring Snowfield
Will-o'-Wisp 160 Fire Spirit Potion Phantom Ship
Windy Weasel 350 Wind Rave Twister Fort Magrad, Snowfield
Witch 400 Light Angel's Prayer Vellweb
Wounded Bear 550 Earth Attack Ball Evergreen Forest
Wyvern 550 Wind Down Burst Mountain of Mortal Dragon

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