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Items Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Here is a listing of all the Items in The Legend of Dragoon. I hope you find it helpful.

Recovery Items
Item Name Price Effect
Healing Potion 10 Restores 50% of the target's HP Max
Healing Breeze 50 Recover 50% of HP Max for all party members
Healing Fog 30 Completely recovers HP for single target
Healing Rain - Completely recovers HP for all party members
Angel's Prayer 30 Revitalizes and recovers 50% of the HP max for a single target
Body Purifier 10 Removes Poison, Stun, Arm Blocking conditions
Mind Purifier 20 Removes Fear, Confusion, Bewitchment, Dispiriting conditions
Depetrifier 30 Removes Petrified condition
Spirit Potion 20 Recovers 100 SP in combat
Sun Rhapsody 50 Recovers all MP for individual
Moon Serenade - Recovers all MP for all party members
Recovery Ball - Generates one recovery item in battle
Charm Potion 4 Reduces risk of enemy encounters for a limited time

Attack Items
Item Price Effect
Detonate Rock 10 Attacks all enemies
Midnight Terror 20 Frightens minor enemies
Panic Bell 20 Confuses minor enemies
Poison Needle 20 Poisons minor enemies
Stunning Hammer 20 Stuns minor enemies
Total Vanishing 40 Destroys minor enemies
Sachet - Gives subtle good aroma (destroys minor enemy)
Pandemonium - Minor enemy only attacks one party member for 3 turns
Smoke Ball - 100% sure escape from minor enemy
Attack Ball - Randomly generates one of the attack items in battle

Fire-Elemental Attack Items
Item Price Effect
Burn Out 10 Fire-elemental individual attack (multi)
Gushing Magma 20 Fire-elemental attack for all enemies (multi)
Burning Wave 20 Powerful fire-elemental attack for all enemies

Water-Elemental Attack Items
Item Price Effect
Spear Frost 10 Water-elemental individual attack (multi)
Fatal Blizzard 20 Water-elemental attack for all enemies (multi)
Frozen Jet 20 Powerful water-elemental attack for all enemies

Thunder-Elemental Attack Items
Item Price Effect
Spark Net 10 Thunder-elemental individual attack (multi)
Thunderbolt 20 Thunder-elemental attack for all enemies (multi)
Flash Hall 20 Powerful thunder-elemental attack for all enemies

Wind-Elemental Attack Items
Item Price Effect
Spinning Gale 10 Wind-elemental individual attack (multi)
Rave Twister 20 Wind-elemental attack for all enemies (multi)
Down Burst 20 Powerful wind-elemental attack for all enemies

Earth-Elemental Attack Items
Item Price Effect
Pellet 10 Earth-elemental individual attack (multi)
Meteor Fall 20 Earth-elemental attack for all enemeies (multi)
Gravity Grabber 20 Powerful earth-elemental attack for all enemies

Darkness-Elemental Attack Items
Item Price Effect
Dark Mist 10 Darkness-elemental individual attack (multi)
Black Rain 20 Darkness-elemental attack for all enemies (multi)
Night Raid 20 Powerful darkness-elemental attack for all enemies

Light-Elemental Attack Items
Item Price Effect
Trans Light 10 Light-elemental individual attack (multi)
Dancing Ray 20 Light-elemental attack for all enemies (multi)
Spectral Flash 20 Powerful light-elemental attack for all enemies

Non-Elemental Attack Items
Item Price Effect
Psych Bomb - Non-elemental individual attack (multi)

Repeat Items
Item Price Effect
Speed Up - Doubles agility for three turns
Speed Down - Speed is halved for three turns
Power Up - Strength increases for three turns
Power Down - Strength decreases for three turns
Magic Shield - Nullifies magical attacks for three turns
Material Shield - Nullfies physical attacks for three turns
Magic Signet Stone - Blocks enemy's move for three turns
Psych Bomb X - Powerful non-elemental attack for all enemies

"Goods" Items
Item Description
War Bulletin Special edition shows tension among Sandora and Serdio
Prison Key Key to the second prison tower where Shana is held
Axe An axe left in a shack in the field. It's well worn.
Lavitz's Picture Lavitz's portrait drawn in Bale. It looks so real.
Red Dragon DS Dragoon Spirit Dart's father left him. Fire-based.
Dark Dragon DS Dragoon Spirit of the mysterious Rose. Darkness-based.
Jade Dragon DS Dragoon Spirit from Greham. Wind-based.
Water Bottle A bottle acquired in Lohan to hold Life Water
Life Water Life water from a monster plant. Refreshes power.
Silver Dragon DS Dragoon Spirit from Shirley. Light-based.
Magic Oil Fuel to light an elevator switch in the Black Castle
Red Stone Key to a room in the Black Castle
Blue Stone Key to a room in the Black Castle
Yellow Stone Key to a room in the Black Castle
Violet Dragon DS Dragoon Spirit from Doel. Thunder-based.
Letter from Lynn A letter from Lynn before he went to pursue bandits
Pass for Valley A pass for the Zero Gravity Valley
Golden Dragon DS Dragoon Spirit found in Lohan. Earth-based.
Kate's Bouquet Good-luck bouquet thrown by Kate at the wedding
Key to Ship Key from the Phantom Ship Captain
Blue Dragon DS Dragoon Spirit from Lenus. Water-based.
Boat License License to use the boat in Furni
Dragon Blocker A staff to contain the Divine Dragon. Restrains Dragons.
Moon Gem National treasure of Serdio. Has enormous power.
Moon Dagger National treasure of Tiberoa. Stolen by Lenus.
Moon Mirror National treasure of Mille Sesau. Hidden by Flanvel.
Vanishing Stone A mysterious stone from Martel for getting Stardusts
Law Maker A certificate of law production in Zenebatos
Law Output A certificate of law enactment in Zenebatos
Divine Dragon DS Dragoon Spirit of the Divine Dragon

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