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Stellazio Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

This guide contains the locations of the Stellazio coins and the story pieces written on them, as well as the chart of prizes for giving them to Queen Stella. I have done my best to make it accurate and complete, but please let me know if you find any errors. The coins are listed in the order they are found.

Stellazio Coins
Coin Location Story
Aries Dali Windmill "The Story of 12 Zodiacs" The 11 Zodiacs pondered. How best to catch Virgo's heart? Aries headed east.
Cancer Burmecia Cancer headed to the cape where Virgo waited. The sun was setting into the ocean. Would he finally see her?
Scorpio Quan's Dwelling Scorpio was very timid. He always looked at his shadow until one day he decided to look away. He walked up a hill.
Gemini Treno Fountain* Gemini thought by the river, 'I will sing her a song.' He didn't know where she was, but he hoped his song would reach her.
Taurus Treno Slums Item Shop Taurus had an idea. He would give Virgo a gift. Through the forest and over the mountain, he found a star.
Virgo Black Mage Village Inn Watching the sunset from the cape, Virgo whispered "My only wish is to be with you now..."
Libra Madain Sari Libra was a perverse fellow. He would always walk in the opposite direction of the sun. Would he ever see Virgo?
Leo Alexandria Castle** Leo was waiting for the sun to set into the ocean. Then Cancer showed up, and they began to fight. Into the ocean they fell..."
Sagittarius Lindblum Business District† Sagittarius dashed through the night, defying the chilly northern wind that was stinging his right cheek
Capricorn Daguerreo Impatient Capricorn ran up a hill toward the sun and fell asleep from exhaustion
Aquarius Ipsen's Castle Aquarius arrived late. He asked everyone, "Who kissed Virgo?"
Pisces the Invincible Pisces said to Aquarius, "Virgo made her choice. Go see him and he'll tell you the rest."
Ophiuchus Quan's Dwelling†† Their future was uncertain, but Scorpio and Virgo kissed in the light of dusk. That moment meant everything.

*You must throw Gil in 13 times to get this Stellazio.
**On Disc 3. This Stellazio can only be found before your audience with Dagger.
†Disc 3, after the destruction of Lindblum
††After all 12 Stellazio have been found, Ophiuchus is available.

Stellazio Prize Chart
1st Coin 1,000 Gil
2nd Coin Phoenix Pinion
3rd Coin 2,000 Gil
4th Coin Blood Sword
5th Coin 5,000 Gil
6th Coin Elixir
7th Coin 10,000 Gil
8th Coin Black Belt
9th Coin 20,000 Gil
10th Coin Rosetta Ring
11th Coin 30,000 Gil
12th Coin Robe of Lords
13th Coin Hammer

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