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Status Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Welcome. This guide is a list of the status effects in Final Fantasy IX. The effects are separated into "good" and "bad" status effects according to whether their effect on a character is positive or negative. Some bad status effects will disappear at the end of battle; these are indicated by a "Yes" in the "Disappear?" column. Others, with a "no" in the same column, must be removed after battle. All good status effects dissipate at the end of a battle.

Bad Status Effects
Status Indicator Effect Cure Disappear?
Berserk Character turns red and a cloud appears around head Strength increases; you no longer control character Gysahl Greens Yes
Confuse Character spins around repeatedly Character attacks random targets and is independent of your control Esuna, physical attack Yes
Darkness Dark cloud around character's head Attack accuracy greatly reduced Eye Drops, Esuna, Remedy No
Freeze Character turns blue and stops Character will be KO'd if attacked Esuna, effect expires Yes
Heat Character turns red, head is on fire Character will be KO'd if he/she acts Esuna, effect expires Yes
KO** Character falls to the ground Character has lost all hit points and cannot act until revived Phoenix Down, Phoenix Pinion, Life, Full-Life No
Mini Character is reduced in size Power and defense reduced Mini, Remedy, Esuna Yes
Petrify** Character becomes grey and stops moving Character is turned to stone. Game Over if whole party is petrified. Soft, Stona, Remedy No
Poison Purple cloud over character's head HP decreases gradually Antidote, Esuna, Panacea, Remedy*, effect expires Yes
Silence Ellipsis appears over character's head Character cannot use magic. Echo Screen, Esuna, Remedy No
Sleep "Zzz" appears over character's head Character is unable to move or attack Physical attack, effect expires Yes
Slow ATB is grey, white arrows pointing downward appear over character's head ATB gauge fills more slowly Dispel, Haste, effect expires Yes
Stop ATB bar greyed out, character freezes in place Character cannot move. Game Over if all characters are Stopped. Remedy, Dispel Yes
Trouble Trouble icon appears over character's head Damage the character receives overflows onto other party members Annoyntment No
Venom** Black and purple cloud over character's head HP and MP gradually decrease. Character cannot move. Game Over if whole party is afflicted. Antidote, Remedy, Panacea, Esuna No
Virus** (Only visible in status menu) Character gains no EXP or AP after battle Vaccine No
Zombie** Character turns darker colour Healing items/spells cause damage or KO to the character Magic Tag No

*Any effect that can be cured with a Remedy may also be cured with Quina's Blue Magic Angel's Snack, which administers a Remedy to each party member.

**Characters afflicted with these status effects do not gain EXP or AP when the battle is over.

Helpful Status Effects*
Status Effect
Auto-Life Character is automatically revived from KO once per battle
Float Character floats and takes no damage from Earth attacks
Haste ATB Gauge fills up faster; green arrows pointed up appear next to character's head
Protect Decreases damage from physical attacks. Character glows yellow.
Reflect Magic is reflected back at caster. Some magic cannot be reflected.
Regen HP gradually restored
Shell Decreases damage from magic attacks. Character glows green.
Vanish Character is invisible, cannot be hit with physical attacks. Re-appears when hit by magic or effect expires.

*All helpful status effects expire at the end of battle.

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