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Moogle Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

I thought it might be helpful to make an alphabetical list of all the moogles and where they can be found, so here you go. Each moogle's locations throughout the game are listed by disc. If there's only one location listed, that moogle will always be in that location. If multiple locations are listed, then use the disc number to figure out when that moogle will be there. Otherwise, disc numbers indicate when you first encounter the moogle. Stiltzkin, being a slightly different case, is listed after the chart.

Moogle Locations
Moogle Location/Disc
Atla Burmecia (Disc One)
Chesnut Alexandria Bell Tower (Disc Three)
Chimomo Madain Sari (Disc Two)
Grimo Grand Citadel South Gate (Disc One)
Gumo Dali Inn (Disc One)
Kumool Ipsen's Castle (Disc Three)
Kumop Dali, Underground (Disc One)
Kupo Alexandria Bell Tower (Disc One)
Kuppo Fossil Roo (Disc Two)
Mene Chocobo's Forest, Chocobo's Lagoon, Chocobo's Air Garden; does not participate in Mognet
Mimoza Madain Sari (Disc Two), Oelivert (Disc Three)
Mocchi Iifa Tree (Disc Two)
Mocha Madain Sari (Disc Two)
Mochos Gargan Roo (Disc Two)
Mogki Lindblum Grand Castle Guest Room (Disc One), Fossil Roo (Disc Two), Lindblum Grand Castle Guest Room (Disc Three)
Mogmatt Conde Petie (Disc Two)
Mogmi Gizamaluke's Grotto (Disc One)
Mogrich Treno (Disc Two)
Mogrika Esto Gaza (Disc Three)
Mogryo Black Mage Village (Disc Two)
Mogsam Desert Palace (Disc Three)
Mogtaka Mt. Gulug (Disc Three)
Moguta Gizamaluke's Grotto (Disc One)
Mois Ice Cavern (Disc One), Mist Continent entrance of Fossil Roo (Disc Four)
Mojito Desert Palace (Disc Three)
Momatose Madain Sari (Disc Two)
Monev Cleyra Trunk (Disc Two)
Monty Evil Forest (Disc One)
Monty Pinnacle Rocks (Disc Two)
Moodon Lindblum Inn (Disc One)
Mooel Oelivert (Disc Three)
Moolan Mt. Gulug (Disc Three)
Moonte Lindblum Grand Castle Dragon's Gate (Disc One)
Moorock Bran Bal (Disc Three)
Mopli Cleyra Inn (Disc Two)
Morrison Madain Sari (Disc Two)
Mosco Prima Vista Crash Site (Disc One), South Gate (Disc Three)
Mosh Alexandria Castle (Disc One)
Mozme Pandemonium (Disc Three)
Nazna Summit Station (Disc Two)
Noggy Daguerreo (Disc Three)
Serino Red Rose (Disc Two)
Stiltzkin *See Below
Suzuna Mountain Path (Disc Two)

Stiltzkin can be found in the following locations, in the following order:
Disc One--Alexandria Bell Tower, Burmecia
Disc Two--Cleyra Inn, Fossil Roo, Mountain Path
Disc Three--Alexandria Bell Tower

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