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Chocobo Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

This guide is a list of the Chocograph treasures, their locations, and their contents. I hope you find this guide useful. As usual I have done my best to ensure the accuracy and completeness of my guide. If you find an error, please let me know.

Location Chocobo Treasure
Streamside Field Elixir x2, Hi-Potion x3, Ether x4, Germinas Boots x2
Between Mountains Field Potion x5, 5 Hi-Potion, Tent x2, Cotton Robe x2
Uncultivated Land Field Antidote x10, Jade Armlet, Wing Edge x3, Cargo Ship Card
Healing Shore Field Chocobo gains Reef Ability
Abandoned Beach Field Phoenix Pinion x9, Phoenix Down x5, Peridot x12, Diamond Gloves
Cold Field Field Echo Screen x5, Hi-Potion x7, Tent x3, Theatre Ship Card
Forgotten Lagoon Reef Gysahl Greens x8, Ether x5, Hi-Potion x7, Dragon's Claws
Faraway Lagoon Reef Potion x37, Magic Tag x6, Shield Armor, Gaia Gear
Abandoned Lagoon Reef Soft x6, Ether x4, Feather Boots, N-Kai Armlet
Bird's-Eye Lagoon Reef Potion x8, Phoenix Down x4, Ether x3, Magician Robe
Small Beach Reef Remedy x4, Elixir x2, Rising Sun x8, Oak Staff
Dawn Lagoon Reef Chocobo gains "Mountain" Ability
Forbidden Forest Mountain Ether x7, Elixir x2, Wing Edge x10, High Mage Staff
Green Plains Mountain Ability of Chocobo upgraded to Sea (Blue)
Dusk Plains Mountain Phoenix Down x12, Ore x14, Kaiser Knuckles, Iron Man Card
Forgotten Plains Sea Ore x17, Ether x5, Opal x14, Demon's Mail
Sea At Dusk Sea Phoenix Pinion x15, White Robe, Diamond, Masamune Card
Ocean Sea Ore x27, Light Robe, Whale Whisker, Alexander Card
Cold Lagoon Sea Peridot x11, Opal x9, Sapphire x15, Topaz x19
Mist Ocean Sea Ability of Chocobo upgraded to Sky (Golden)
Outer Island Sky Amethyst x21, Garnet x16, Genji Armor, Ragnarok
Outer Island 2 Sky Sapphire x11, Circlet, Pumice Piece, Hilda Garde 3 Card
Fairy Island Sky Potion x33, Annoyntment x15, Holy Miter, Dark Matter Card
Forgotten Island Sky Ribbon, Rebirth Ring, Amethyst x13, Ark Card

Locations of Chocograph Treasures

Streamside--East and across the river from the Chocobo Forest

Between Mountains--Slightly northwest of Lindblum Harbour

Uncultivated Land--South of the Evil Forest and on the east side of the river.

Healing Shore--Northwest of Cleyra, near the coast.

Abandoned Beach--Southeast of the Qu's Marsh on the Outer Continent

Cold Field--East of Esto Gaza, along the southern shore of the Lost Continent

Forgotten Lagoon--South of the Shimmering Island, on the south end of the small island east of the Qu's Marsh on the Forgotten Continent.

Faraway Lagoon--On the west side of the Forgotten Continent, southeast of the Water Shrine

Abandoned Lagoon--On the Outer Continent, at the south end of the tail of land east of the Fossil Roo exit.

Bird's-Eye Lagoon--At the edge of the reef west of the Qu's Marsh on the Mist Continent

Small Beach--In the bay south of the Chocobo Forest on the Mist Continent

Dawn Lagoon--At the tip of the hook of land south of Quan's Dwelling (the hook points west)

Forbidden Forest--Tucked into the tiny forest in the mountains above Gizamaluke's Grotto. Find the plains on the Mist Continent where you fight Grand Dragons, and explore near there to find the forest.

Green Plains--Near the only beach on the north side of the Mist Continent, west of Alexandria.

Dusk Plains--Straight south of Oelivert, near the ocean

Forgotten Plains--Near Ipsen's Castle

Sea At Dusk--On the east shore of the Forgotten Continent, roughly west of Cleyra

Ocean--West of the Forgotten Continent, near the "edge" of the World Map. Find the forest on the long, narrow island in the archipelago to the west of the continent and head due west.

Cold Lagoon--On the north side of the Lost Continent, where the two pieces of land come together like a crab's pincers

Mist Ocean--Find the two small islands northeast of the Mist Continent (north of Alexandria Harbour). Start between them and go northeast a little to find the treasure.

Outer Island--On the small island east of the Outer Continent

Outer Island 2--On the small island north of the Outer Continent. Not the island that Mognet Central is located on, but the one south of that.

Fairy Island--On the island between the Outer and Lost Continents.

Forgotten Island--On the northern end of the island where the Forgotten Lagoon is located.

Other Chocobo Treasures

The Ultima Weapon treasure can only be gained on Disc 4. Go to the spot where the Shimmering Island used to be and position yourself EXACTLY where it used to be. (Hint: the Shimmering Island remains marked on your World Map, so use that to help you.) Use a Dead Pepper to find the treasure.

Mognet Central can only be accessed with a Chocobo. Take a Sky Chocobo to the large island north of the Outer Continent and use a Dead Pepper to dig open the crack on the north side of the mountain to reveal Mognet Central.

Chocobo's Paradise is at the far northwest corner of the World Map. You need a Gold Chocobo to reach it. Use a Dead Pepper to dig out the crack to reveal the way into Chocobo's Paradise.

There is a Mountain Crack on the Lost Continent near the Fire Shrine.

There are two Mountain Cracks on the Forgotten Continent. One is northwest of Oelivert, near the east coast of the continent. The second is north and slightly west of Oelivert, near the small forest on the west coast.

Bubbles, which can be accessed with Dead Peppers, require a Sea Chocobo. They are simple to find: scour the general area until you find a place where bubbles rise through the water, and use a Dead Pepper. One must be accessed through Quan's Dwelling. Stand at the edge of the patio and look down at the foaming water. Decide to try a Dead Pepper and Zidane will appear riding Choco. A second is located in between the Lost and Outer continents, north of the Iifa Tree. Start at the long thin point of land at the northeast end of the Lost Continent and head straight east toward the point of land on the Mognet Central island, and you should find the bubble. The third bubble is on the east side of the southern tip of the Forgotten Continent, southeast of the Wind Shrine. The fourth is south of the Outer Continent, southeast of the Desert Palace.


Bubbles Beneath Quan's Dwelling
9 Ore
15 Topaz
1 Tiger Racket
1 Red Rose Card

Bubbles Directly North of Iifa Tree
50 Potion
25 Hi-Potion
9 Ether
7 Elixir

Bubbles Between Mist Continent and Outer Continent
8 Straw Hat
8 Pearl Armlet
7 Aloha T-shirt
8 Sandals

Bubbles at South Tip of Forgotten Continent
10 Remedy
1 Black Robe
1 Genji Gloves
1 Blue Narciss Card

Mountain Crack on Eastern Part of Lost Continent
41 Lapis Lazuli
1 Rosetta Ring
1 Protect Ring
1 Airship Card

Mountain Crack on Northeastern Part of Forgotten Continent
19 Eye Drops
1 Madain's Ring
1 Genji Helmet
1 Hilda Garde 1 Card

Mountain Crack Near Oeilvert
1 Maiden Prayer
1 Dragon's Hair
1 Gauntlets
1 Odin Card

Exact Former Location of Shimmering Island
10 Aquamarine
1 Ultima Weapon
1 Maximillian
1 Invincible Card

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