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Zidane Tribal

Age: 16
Occupation: Thief
Skills: Steal, Thief
Weapon: Dagger

"You don't need a reason to help people."

A member of the Tantalus Band, a combination thieves' guild and acting troupe, Zidane has a kind heart. Very much the ladies' man (or at least wishing he was), he makes it his business to both flirt with and protect Princess Garnet. Zidane is physically a rather powerful character, and so he does well in the front row. His Thief's skills range from the merely helpful to the incredibly useful.

Thief Skills
Skill MP Cost Effect Items Learned From AP
Flee 0 Allows an easier escape from battle Dagger, Mage Masher, Zorlin Shape, Ultima Weapon, Germinas Boots 40
Detect 0 See what items the enemy is carrying Mage Masher, Orichalcon 40
What's That?! 2 Turns an enemy around so you can attack its back, doing more damage Butterfly Sword 40
Soul Blade 6 Inflicts the status of the sword Zidane is carrying (i.e. if carrying a sword whose Add-ST is "Darkness," Darkness will be inflicted.) The Ogre 35
Annoy 4 Inflicts the status "Trouble" on target Gladius, Sargatanas 50
Sacrifice 32 Zidane is KO'd, but his HP and MP are used to heal the other party members. Exploda, Masamune 55
Lucky 7 6 Inflicts physical damage based on Zidane's Luck stat Gladius, Exploda, Rune Tooth, The Tower, Thief Hat 55
Thievery 8 Inflicts physical damage based on the number of successful Steal attacks. Angel Bless, The Tower 100

Trance Skills
Zidane's Trance increases the power of the Thief's Skills he has learned and deals powerful physical damage to the enemy. Some Dyne skills attack all enemies, while some attack only one. Each Dyne skill corresponds to a learned Thief's Skill, as listed below.

Dyne Skills
Dyne Skill Thief Skill MP Cost Range
Free Energy Flee 10 Single
Tidal Flame Detect 12 Multiple
Scoop Art What's That?! 14 Single
Shift Break Soul Blade 16 Multiple
Stellar Circle 5 Annoy 24 Single
Meo Twister Sacrifice 32 Multiple
Solution 9 Lucky Seven 48 Single
Grand Lethal Thievery 60 Multiple

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