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Adelbert Steiner

Age: 33
Occupation: Knight
Skills: Sword Art, Sword Magic
Weapon: Sword

"Having sworn fealty, must I spend my life in servitude?"

Steiner is the clumsy, well-meaning Captain of the Knights of Pluto, a ragtag group in the service of the Princess Garnet. Steiner himself is the Princess's bodyguard. He's very uptight and snobbish when first you meet him, but gradually he gets better. Steiner is able to master special Sword Arts--including some of General Beatrix's frightening Seiken skills--and, when Vivi is in the party, is able to combine skills with the black mage to produce Sword Magic.

Sword Arts
Skill MP Cost Effect Learned From AP
Darkside 0 Sacrifice part of Steiner's HP to deal Shadow-elemental damage to the enemy Blood Sword 30
Minus Strike 8 Deals an amount of damage to the enemy equal to the difference between Steiner's current HP and max HP Iron Sword, Excalibur II, Rubber Helm 35
Iai Strike 16 KO's target Rune Blade 40
Power Break 8 Reduces target's physical attack power Diamond Sword 40
Armor Break 4 Reduces enemy's physical defense Mythril Sword 30
Mental Break 8 Reduces enemy's magic defense Ice Brand, Gold Helm 45
Magic Break 4 Reduces enemy's magic attack power Flame Saber 25
Charge! 10 Causes near-death party members to attack Coral Sword, Aegis Gloves 30
Thunder Slash 24 Thunder-elemental damage to an enemy Defender, Ragnarok 30
Stock Break 26 Non-elemental damage to all enemies Ultima Sword, Excalibur II 35
Climhazzard 32 Non-elemental damage to all enemies Excalibur, Excalibur II 70
Shock 46 Physical damage to an enemy Ragnarok 60

Steiner's Magic Sword is dependent on two things: Vivi must be in the party (and not KO'd) and he must know the spell you wish to use. Sword Magic uses Steiner's MP, not Vivi's.

Sword Magic
Spell MP Cost Effect
Fire Sword 6 Weak fire-elemental attack
Fira Sword 12 Moderate fire-elemental attack
Firaga Sword 30 Powerful fire-elemental attack
Blizzard Sword 6 Weak ice-elemental attack
Blizzara Sword 12 Moderate ice-elemental attack
Blizzaga Sword 30 Powerful ice-elemental attack
Thunder Sword 6 Weak thunder-elemental attack
Thundara Sword 12 Moderate thunder-elemental attack
Thundaga Sword 30 Powerful thunder-elemental attack
Bio Sword 20 Poisons target and inflicts non-elemental damage
Water Sword 26 Moderate Water-elemental attack
Flare Sword 60 Powerful non-elemental damage
Doomsday Sword 50 Powerful Shadow-elemental damage to all enemies.

Steiner's Trance doesn't gift him with any special powers, but it does double his already impressive physical attack power, so it's a power worth having.

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