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Princess Garnet til Alexandros XVII

Age: 16
Occupation: Princess, summoner
Skills: Summon, White Magic
Weapon: Rod, Racket

"Someday I will be Queen, but I will always be myself."

Princess Garnet is a courageous and kind young woman who is able to summon the powerful Eidolons. Her White Magic will help keep the party alive. Garnet is not a powerful fighter, so she should be kept in the back row to minimize the damage she takes. Her real use is in healing and laying the mighty smackdown with her summon magic. Garnet's summons are more powerful when the Eidolon itself appears during the summon. The Eidolon will always appear the first time you summon it, and will randomly appear thereafter. By equipping the "Boost" support ability, you can make it appear more often, or when Garnet is in Trance (see below).

Garnet's White Magic
Spell MP Cost Effect Range Learned From AP
Cure 6 Restores a small amount of HP Single/Multiple Magic Racket, Rod, Silk Shirt 30
Cura 10 Restores a moderate amount of HP Single/Multiple Healing Rod, Barette 50
Curaga 22 Restores a large amount of HP Single/Multiple Wizard Rod, Whale Whisker 155
Life 8 Recovers from KO and restores 25% of max HP Single Mythril Rod, Healing Rod, Whale Whisker, Rebirth Ring, Cacusha 30
Scan 4 Determines target's HP, MP, and weakness Single Air Racket, Desert Boots 25
Panacea 4 Cures Venom and Poison Single Air Racket, Rod 15
Stona 8 Cures Petrify and Gradual Petrify Single Multina Racket 25
Shell 6 Temporarily increases Magic Defense Single Multina Racket, Mythril Racket, Mythril Rod, Wizard Rod, Cotton Robe, Gold Choker, Moonstone 35
Protect 6 Temporarily increases defense Single Mythril Racket, Rod, Wizard Rod, Steepled Hat, Desert Boots 30
Silence 8 Silences target Single/Multiple Priest's Racket, Mythril Rod, Asura's Rod, Magic Armlet 30
Mini 8 Causes Mini condition Single Magic Racket, Asura's Rod, Feather Boots 40
Reflect 6 Causes magic to bounce off target and reflect back at caster's party Single Mythril Racket, Stardust Rod, Reflect Ring, Ruby 20
Confuse 8 Causes Confuse condition Single/Multiple Asura's Rod, Lamia's Tiara 35
Berserk 6 Causes Berserk condition Single Magic Racket 30
Blind 6 Causes Darkness condition Single Multina Racket, Magician Shoes 40
Float 6 Causes target to float (eliminates Earth damage) Single/Multiple Stardust Rod, Feather Boots 20

Eidolon MP Cost Effect Learned From AP
Shiva 24 Ice-elemental attack against all enemies Opal 20
Ifrit 26 Fire-elemental attack against all enemies Topaz 20
Ramuh 22 Thunder-elemental attack against all enemies Peridot 30
Atomos 32 Reduces enemy's HP by a given percentage (See below) Amethyst 25
Odin 28 Attempts to KO enemies (see below) Dark Matter 30
Leviathan 42 Water-elemental attack against all enemies Aquamarine 40
Bahamut 56 Non-elemental attack against all enemies Garnet 80
Ark 80 Shadow-elemental attack against all enemies Pumice 100

Garnet's Summons
Two of Garnet's summons, Atomos and Odin, work according to a given formula. Atomos drains an enemy's HP by a given percentage, determined by the following formula:
The number of Amethysts in your inventory + 30
The above formula works when the full animation of the summon is shown. If the short animation is shown, the damage is equal to 2/3 of the above formula.

When Garnet summons Odin, he attempts to immediately KO the enemy. The chances of his attack succeeding is determined by the following formula:
Garnet's Magic Power divided by 4, plus Garnet's Level minus the monster's level.
In other words, the higher Garnet's Magic power and level, the better the chances of success are. If Garnet equips the Odin's Sword support ability (learned from the Ancient Aroma item, 50 AP) Odin will attack physically if his KO attack misses.

Strength of Summons
Summon animations can be either full (the eidolon itself appears during the animation) or short. If the full animation is shown, the eidolon's attack will be more powerful. The Eidolon always appears the first time you summon it, and will randomly appear thereafter. Eidolons are more likely to appear when Garnet uses her Trance attack Eidolon, or when she equips the Support Ability Boost (learned from the Pumice Piece, 190 AP).

The strength of a summon is also affected by how many of a particular jewel you have in your inventory. Check the chart above to find out which jewel is associated with which summon. You can win most of the jewels from various enemies, except for Pumice, Dark Matter, and Aquamarine. You don't need extra Pumices or Dark Matters. Phoenix Pinions can be stolen from just about any enemy after Disc 2. You can get extra Aquamarines by putting Ores into the statue of the Sea God at Daguerreo - 5 Ores = 1 Aquamarine. In addition, you can synth most of the jewels from Ores and other items on Disc 4. See the chart below. (Note that the chart does not list Lapis Lazuli, although it can be synthed, because it does not affect any Eidolons.)

Jewel Synth Guide
Jewel Items Needed Price
Amethyst Ore, Annoyntment 200
Garnet Ore, Remedy 350
Opal Ore, Potion 100
Peridot Ore, Soft 100
Topaz Ore, Eye Drops 100

Garnet's Trance
Garnet's Trance, Eidolon, is incredibly useful. It increases the chances that the Eidolons she summons will appear, so make sure you don't waste it.

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