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Eiko Carol

Age: 6
Occupation: White Mage/Summoner
Skills: White Magic, Summon
Weapons: Flute, Racket

"I don't wanna be alone anymore...."

The last survivor of Madain Sari, the village of summoners, Eiko is a precocious and mischievous child who has been living alone with moogles since the village was wiped out. She has access to powerful Eidolons and equally powerful White Magic. Like Garnet, Eiko is physically weak, and belongs in the back row.

Eiko's White Magic
Spell MP Cost Effect Range Learned From AP
Cure 6 Restores a small amount of HP Single/Multiple Magic Racket, Silk Shirt 20
Cura 10 Restores a moderate amount of HP Single/Multiple Golem's Flute, Barette 40
Curaga 22 Restores a large amount of HP Single/Multiple Hamelin, Angel Flute 80
Regen 14 Gradually restores HP Single Fairy Flute, Fairy Earrings 25
Life 8 Recovers from KO and restores 25% of Max HP Single Golem's Flute, Rebirth Ring, Cacusha 35
Full-Life 24 Recovers from KO and restores to full HP Single Siren Flute, Light Robe 90
Panacea 4 Cures Poison and Venom conditions Single Air Racket 15
Stona 8 Cures Petrify and Gradual Petrify conditions Single Multina Racket, Lamia's Flute 25
Esuna 20 Removes abnormal status effects Single Fairy Flute, Siren's Flute, Angel Flute, Rubber Suit 40
Shell 6 Reduces magic damage Single Multina Racket, Mythril Racket, Cotton Robe, Gold Choker, Moonstone 20
Protect 6 Reduces physical damage Single Mythril Racket, Steepled Hat, Desert Boots 20
Haste 8 Causes target's ATB gauge to fill faster Single Fairy Flute, Running Shoes, Emerald 30
Silence 8 Causes Silence condition Single/Multiple Priest's Racket, Lamia's Flute, Magic Armlet 25
Mini 8 Causes Mini condition Single Magic Racket, Feather Boots 35
Reflect 6 Reflects magic back at opposite party Single Mythril Racket, Reflect Ring, Ruby 25
Float 6 Causes target to Float, mitigates Earth damage Single/Multiple Lamia's Flute, Feather Boots 25
Dispel 16 Removes statuses caused by magic attacks (e.g. Stop, Slow) Single Tiger Racket, Siren's Flute 35
Might 14 Raises attack power Single Priest's Racket, Hamelin 20
Jewel 4 Extracts Ore from a target Single Hamelin 50
Holy 36 Holy-elemental attack Single/Multiple Angel Flute, White Robe 110

Eiko's Summons
Eidolon MP Cost Effect Learned From AP
Carbuncle 24 Varies (see below) Ruby 35
Fenrir 30 Varies (see below) Sapphire 30
Phoenix 32 Fire-elemental attack against all enemies and revives all KO'ed party members Phoenix Pinion 40
Madeen 54 Holy-elemental attack against all enemies Ribbon 120

Changing Eiko's Summons
Eiko's summons, Fenrir and Carbuncle, have different effects depending on what Add-On she has equipped when she summons them. The effects are listed below.

Eiko's Summons
Summon Add-On Effect
Carbuncle Any Casts Reflect on party
Emerald Casts Haste on party
Moonstone Casts Protect on party
Diamond Casts Vanish on party
Fenrir Any Earth-elemental attack on all enemies
Maiden Prayer Wind-elemental attack on all enemies

Trance: Double White
Like Vivi's Double Black Trance, Eiko's Trance allows her to cast two White Magic spells per turn. Useful when you really HAVE to get the cure magic out there.

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