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Support Abilities Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

This abilities guide names all the Support Abilities, indicates how many stones you need to equip them, describes the abilities and indicates who can use them. Because the items and the amount of AP required to learn abilities vary by character, please see the characters guide to determine how your characters should learn them. I've done my best to make this guide as accurate as possible, but if you should find a mistake, please let me know.

Support Abilities
Ability Stones Description Equipped By
Ability Up 3 Learn abilities faster All
Absorb MP 6 Absorbs MP used by enemy Quina
Accuracy + 2 Raises accuracy of physical attacks Zidane, Freya, Steiner, Amarant
Add Status 3 Adds weapon's status effect (Add ST) when attacking Zidane, Steiner, Vivi, Freya, Amarant, Quina
Alert 4 Prevents back attacks Zidane, Steiner, Amarant
Antibody 4 Prevents Venom and Poison status All
Auto-Float 6 Automatically casts Float when drawn into battle All
Auto-Haste 9 Automatically casts Haste when drawn into battle All
Auto-Life 12 Automatically revives when KO'ed (once per battle) All
Auto-Potion 3 Automatically uses a Potion when damaged All
Auto-Reflect 15 Automatically casts Reflect when drawn into battle All
Auto-Regen 10 Automatically casts Regen when drawn into battle All
Bandit 5 Raises success rate of Steal Zidane
Beast Killer 4 Deals lethal damage to beasts Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Amarant
Bird Killer 3 Deals lethal damage to flying enemies Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Amarant
Body Temp 4 Protects against Heat and Freeze All
Boost 12 Increases strength of Eidolons Garnet and Eiko
Bright Eyes 4 Protects against Darkness Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Amarant
Bug Killer 2 Lethal damage against insects Zidane, Freya, Steiner, Amarant
Chemist 4 Doubles effectiveness of Potions, Ethers, Hi-Potions, etc Garnet, Steiner, Freya
Clear-Headed 5 Protects against Confusion All
Concentrate 10 Increases strength of spells Garnet, Eiko
Counter 8 Randomly counterattacks when attacked Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Quina, Amarant
Cover 6 Take damage in place of an ally Steiner, Freya, Amarant
Devil Killer 2 Deals lethal damage to demons Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Amarant
Distract 5 Lowers enemy's physical attack accuracy Zidane, Steiner, Freya
Dragon Killer 3 Deals lethal damage to dragons Freya
Eye 4 Eye 5 Raises chances of counterattack Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Amarant
Flee-Gil 3 Get Gil when you run away Zidane, Amarant
Gamble Defense 1 Raises Defense occasionally Zidane, Freya, Quina, Amarant
Guardian Mog 3 Mog protects with unseen forces Eiko
Half MP 11 Cuts MP use by half in battle Garnet, Vivi, Quina, Eiko
Healer 2 Restores physical attack target's HP Garnet, Vivi, Quina, Eiko, Amarant
High Jump 4 Jump higher, causing more damage Freya
High Tide 8 Trance gauge fills more quickly All
HP+10% 4 Increases HP by 10% Steiner, Freya, Amarant
HP+20% 8 Increases HP by 20% Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Amarant
Initiative 5 Raises chance of preemptive attack Freya
Insomniac 5 Protects against Sleep All
Jelly 4 Protects against Petrify and Gradual Petrify All
Level Up 7 Gain levels faster All
Locomotion 4 Protects against Stop All
Long Reach 16 Attack from back row with same power as front row Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Amarant
Loudmouth 4 Prevents Silence Garnet, Vivi, Quina, Eiko
Mag Elem Null 13 Nullifies elemental attacks Vivi
Man Eater 2 Lethal damage against human enemies Zidane, Freya, Steiner, Amarant
Master Thief 5 Steal better items first Zidane
Millionaire 5 Get more Gil after battle Quina
MP+10% 4 Increases MP by 10% Freya, Quina, Eiko
MP+20% 8 Increases MP by 20% Garnet, Vivi, Eiko
MP Attack 5 Use MP to inflict more damage Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Amarant
Mug 3 Attack when stealing Zidane
Odin's Sword 5 Odin attacks if KO effect does not work Garnet
Power Throw 19 Throw causes more damage Amarant
Power Up 3 Increases effectiveness of Chakra Amarant
Protect Girls 4 Take damage in place of a female character Zidane
Reflect-Null 7 Nullifies Reflect status when attacking with magic Garnet, Vivi, Eiko
Reflect x2 17 Doubles power of Reflected spells Vivi
Restore HP 8 Restores HP when near death Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Amarant
Return Magic 9 Returns magic used by enemy Amarant, Vivi
Steal Gil 5 Steals Gil as well as Items Zidane
Stone Killer 4 Deals lethal damage to stone enemies Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Amarant
Undead Killer 2 Deals lethal damage to undead enemies Zidane, Steiner, Freya, Amarant

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