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Dragon Knight Skills Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

This guide is for the Dragon Knight skills that Freya can learn. Only she can use these skills. Listed are the names of each skill, their MP costs, the effect of the skill, what equipment is needed to learn the skill, and how much AP it takes to learn the skill. If you find any errors, please do let me know!

Dragon Knight Skills
Skill MP Cost Effect Learned From AP
Lancer 10 Reduces enemy's HP/MP Partisan, Dragon Wrist, Coral Ring 20
Reis's Wind 12 Casts Regen on party Mythril Spear, Holy Lance, Gold Helm, Angel Earrings 25
Dragon Breath 78 Powerful non-elemental damage to all enemies Dragon's Hair 205
White Draw 36 Restores party's MP Emerald, Ice Lance, Kain's Lance 65
Luna 12 Casts Berserk on all enemies and allies Trident 30
Six Dragons 28 One of three things happen: Party's HP/MP is fully restored, all party members are reduced to 1 HP, or nothing happens. Heavy Lance 25
Cherry Blossom 16 Non-elemental damage to all enemies Obelisk, Kain's Lance 40
Dragon Crest 16 Causes physical damage. The more dragons your party has killed, the more powerful it is. Tip: Level up against Grand Dragons. Holy Lance, Kain's Lance 45

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