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Black Magic Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Black Magic, used only by Vivi, is principally an attack magic. The following is a chart including spell names, how much MP it takes to cast them, their effects and range, and also what items will teach them (and how much AP it takes.) I have done my best to ensure the accuracy of this guide; however, if you do find an error, please let me know.

Black Magic
Spell MP Cost Effect Range Learned From AP
Fire 6 Weak fire-elemental attack Single/Multiple Mage Staff, Leather Hat 25
Fira 12 Moderate fire-elemental attack Single/Multiple Flame Staff, Mage's Hat, Power Belt, Topaz 50
Firaga 24 Strong fire-elemental attack Single/Multiple Octagon Rod 75
Sleep 10 Puts target to sleep Single/Multiple Flame Staff 20
Blizzard 6 Weak ice-elemental attack Single/Multiple Leather Wrist 25
Blizzara 12 Moderate ice-elemental attack Single/Multiple Ice Staff, Opal 50
Blizzaga 24 Strong ice-elemental attack Single/Multiple Octagon Rod 85
Slow 6 Slows target's ATB gauge Single Ice Staff, Magus Hat 20
Thunder 6 Weak thunder-elemental attack Single/Multiple Silk Shirt, Glass Buckle 25
Thundara 12 Moderate thunder-elemental attack Single/Multiple Lightning Staff, Peridot 50
Thundaga 24 Strong thunder-elemental attack Single/Multiple Octagon Rod 80
Stop 8 Prevents target from acting Single Oak Staff 25
Poison 8 Causes Poison condition Single/Multiple Lightning Staff 35
Bio 18 Causes non-elemental damage and Poison Single/Multiple Oak Staff 40
Osmose 2 Absorbs target's MP and transfers it to caster Single High Mage Staff, Gaia Gear 70
Drain 14 Absorbs target's HP and transfers it to caster Single Oak Staff 60
Demi 18 Reduces the target's HP by a given percentage Single Cypress Pile, Black Belt, Amethyst 30
Comet 16 Causes non-elemental damage Single Cypress Pile 55
Death 20 KO's the target Single Black Hood 45
Break 18 Petrifies target Single Cypress Pile 30
Water 22 Water-elemental attack Single/Multiple N-Kai Armlet 55
Meteor 42 Non-elemental damage Multiple High Mage Staff 95
Flare 40 Non-elemental damage Single Black Robe 95
Doomsday 72 Causes Shadow damage All enemies AND all allies Mace of Zeus 150

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