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Enemy Skills Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

This guide lists the enemy skills, their MP cost, what they do, and where to learn them. Note that enemy skills must be cast on the person equipped with the Enemy Skills Materia, or the skill won't be learned. If I've messed something up, please let me know. Note: Some enemy names may be very slightly different because I originally wrote this guide with help from a strategy guide based on the Japanese, not the American, version of the game. However, they are recognizable as related to the American enemy names.

Spell MP Effect Where to Learn It
???? 3 One enemy takes damage equal to the difference between the caster's current HP and maximum HP Judge (Shin-Ra Mansion), Behemoth (Midgar Sector 8)
Angel Whisper 50 Fully recovers HP and recovers status ailments of a single party member. Will also act like Life2 if cast on a disabled party member. Pollensalita (Final Dungeon)
Aqualung 34 Moderate amount of water-elemental damage to all enemies Chimera (Gold Saucer Area Desert)
Bad Breath 58 Attempts to cause poison, sleep, confuse, mini, and frog conditions to all enemies Molbor (Gaea's Cliff)
Beta 35 Moderate amount of fire damage to all enemies MidgarZolom/Midgar's Orm (Grasslands Area Swamp)
Big Guard 56 Casts Barrier, MBarrier, and Haste on all targets Beach Plug (Costa Del Sol area)
Chocobuckle 3 One target enemy takes an amount of type-less damage equal to the number of times the party has run away. L. 16 chocobos appear with the elephant and ostrich enemies near Chocobo ranch. Stall the Chocobo with three Mimmett Greens, then cast Level 4 suicide on it. Make sure not to hit it or kill off the other enemies. It will cast Chocobuckle on the person who cast L4 Suicide (By the way, this skill really isn't worth your time, it does next to no damage.) L. 16 Chocobo (Grasslands Area)
Death Force 3 Attempts to both cast Death Sentence on a single foe, and to kill that foe instantly. Adamantaimai (Utai Area)
Death Roulette 6 Randomly selects an enemy or ally and casts Death. Not effective on bosses. Death Dealers (Final Dungeon)
Death Sentence 10 Causes Death Sentence condition to a single target Sneaky Step, Death Vendor (Cave of the Gi)
Dragon Force 19 One target's physical and magical defense raised by 50% Dark Dragon (Final Dungeon)
Flame Thrower 10 Moderate amount of fire-elemental damage to a single target Arch Dragon (Mythril Mine), Dragon (Nibel Mtn)
Frog Song 120 Attempts to cast Toad and Sleepil, or will cure the Toad condition. Single target. Touch Me (Gongaga area), Toxic Frog (Temple of the Ancients)
Goblin Punch 0 Does light nonelemental damage to a single target. If the caster and the target are of the same level, Goblin Punch does heavy nonelemental damage. Goblin (Goblin Island)
Laser 16 Reduces target's current HP by 50%. Not effective on bosses and some enemies. Bull Motor (Corel Prison)
Level 4 Suicide 10 Casts Death Sentence and Mini on all targets whose levels are a multiple of 4 Mu (Grasslands Area)
Level 5 Death 22 Casts Death on enemies whose levels are a multiple of 5. Ineffective on bosses. Parasite (Final Dungeon)
Magic Breath 75 Moderate to heavy fire-ice-lightning elemental damage to all enemies Stilv (Gaea's Cliff)
Magic Hammer 120 Takes 100 MP (if possible) from a target Razor Weeds (Utai area)
Matra Magic 8 Light nonelemental damage to all enemies Custom Sweepers (Midgar Area)
Pandora's Box 110 All enemies receive moderate/heavy nonelemental damage Dragon Zombie (Final Dungeon)
Shadow Flare 100 Hits one enemy for very heavy nonelemental damage Ultima Weapon (Junon or Cosmo Area)
Trine 20 Moderate amount of lightning-elemental damage to all enemies Materia Keeper (Nibel Mtn), Stilv (Gaea's Cliff)
White Wind 34 Refills HP of allies by an amount equal to the caster's current HP Zemzelett (Junon Area), WindWing (Whirlwind Maze)

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