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Chocobo Racing Prizes

by Lassarina Aoibhell

The following is a chart of the various prizes you can win at Chocobo Racing, what ranks they are available at, and their GP value if you choose to trade them in for GP. Keep in mind that you can only win prizes at the A and S ranks by racing your own chocobo!

Prize GP Value Ranks
Antarctic Wind 20 B, A, S
Bolt Plume 20 C, B, A, S
Cat's Bell 500 A, S
Chocobracelet 400 S
Counter Attack Materia 300 A, S
Elixir 200 B, A, S
Enemy Away Materia 300 B, A, S
Ether 30 B, A
Fire Fang 20 B, A, S
Fire Veil 50 A, S
Hero Drink 15 B, A, S
Hi-Potion 15 C, B, A
Hyper 10 C, B
Ice Crystal 50 A, S
Magic Counter Materia 500 A, S
Megalixir 300 S
Phoenix Down 10 C, B, A, S
Precious Watch 300 S
Sneak Attack Materia 300 A, S
Sprint Shoes 500 A, S
Swift Bolt 50 A, S
Tranquilizer 10 C, B, A, S
Turbo Ether 150 B, A, S

In addition, you can win a Choco Feather, Power Vest, Counter Attack Materia, and Sprint Shoes by defeating the racing champion Joe five times in a row.

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