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Chocobo Breeding Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

There is one exceptionally rare kind of Chocobo that you can get if you have the patience to breed and race a whole lot of Chocobos. This is the Gold Chocobo, which allows you to get Knights of the Round, the ultimate Summon Materia.

Now, if you don't want to be bothered breeding Chocobos, there is another way to get Knights. Beat Ruby Weapon and take the Desert Rose to the main in Kalm who lives on the top floor of the far right house. You must also go back to the Underwater Reactor and Morph the Ghost Ship enemy, which allows you to acquire the Guidebook. Give this to the same man and he will give you a Gold Chocobo as a reward.

Note: You must have Highwind in your possession to begin breeding Chocobos. A good time to start this is during the hunt for the Huge Materia.

To begin breeding your Gold Chocobo, go to Chocobo Ranch and purchase stalls from Bill. You will need at LEAST 3. Now, equip your Chocobo Lure and a Luck Plus and go fight around the Chocobo tracks in Mideel. Use Greens to keep the Chocobo quiet until the battle is done. Then ride him back to Highwind. You can capture four in this manner. Then head back to Chocobo Ranch. Choco Billy will tell you which ones are good. Keep one male and one female chocobo, about which he says "This is a great Chocobo." Feed them a lot of Sylkis Greens--30 servings at a time. (You can buy these for 5000 a pop from the Chocobo Sage near the Icicle Inn. Try selling some maxed out Materia.) When their stats are maxed out (the Greens don't raise them anymore), take them to Gold Saucer and race them up to S class.

Once all of that is done, pause to save your game and return to Chocobo Ranch. Ask Billy to breed your chocobos and feed them a Carob Nut. You can win these from Brachiolaudus enemies near the Bone Village (the big red dinosaur things.) You should end up with either a green or blue Special Chocobo. If not, reset and try again. Once you get one or the other, feed it Sylkis Greens as before, until its stats are maxed. Then take it to Gold Saucer and race the hell out of it until it's a Class S.

By now, your original pair of Chocobos should be ready to breed again. Make note of the gender and type of the Chocobo you got before. Breed your original pair and hope for a Chocobo of the opposite type and gender. If you don't get it, reset and try again.

Once you have your new Chocobo, race it up to Class S. Now, breed it with your first Special Chocobo. You can feed them any nut you like. You should end up with a Black Chocobo. Feed it greens and race it to Class S (yes, this process is very repetitive.)

Having gotten a Class S Black Chocobo, you must now go catch more Chocobos. Go to the Icicle Inn area. Catch Chocobos until Choco Billy says "This....is a wonderful Chocobo!" You need a "Wonderful" Chocobo of the opposite gender of your Black Chocobo. Once you get this, race him/her up to Class S. Breed your Wonderful and Black Chocobos together, feeding them a Zeio Nut (steal from the Goblin enemies on Goblin Island.) You should get a Gold Chocobo. With this, you can go absolutely anywhere. Congratulations. Oh, and he should be absolutely amazing in terms of speed and Stamina at this point, and you can feed him Greens to make him better.

I hope this guide has been helpful.

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