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Items Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

This is a list of all the items in Final Fantasy VII, their uses, and their prices. I have subdivided the list into recovery items, battle items, Sources, Chocobo-related items and "stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else." I hope you find this guide helpful. As always, please let me know if I've messed up.

Recovery Items
Item Price Effect
Antidote 80 Cures Poison
Cornucopia 150 Cures Small
Echo Screen 100 Cures Silence
Elixir - Restores all HP/MP
Ether - Restores 100 MP
Eye Drop 50 Cures Darkness
Hi-Potion 300 Restores 500 HP
Hyper 100 Cures Sadness; induces Fury
Maiden's Kiss 150 Cures Frog
Megalixir - Restores all party members' HP/MP fully
Phoenix Down 300 Revives from KO
Potion 50 Restores 100 HP
Remedy 1000 Cures all abnormal status
Soft 150 Cures Petrify
Tent 500 Restores all party members to full health; use at Save Point or on World Map
Tranquilizer 100 Cures Fury; induces Sadness
Turbo Ether - Restores all MP
X-Potion - Restores all HP

Battle Items
Item Price Effect
8-inch Cannon - Explosive damage against one opponent
Antarctic Wind - Casts Ice2 on all opponents
Bird Wing - Wind damage on all opponents
Bolt Plume - Casts Bolt2 on all opponents
Dazers - Paralyzes one opponent
Deadly Waste - Casts Bio2 on all opponents
Dragon Fang - Lightning damage on all opponents
Dragon Scales - Water damage against all opponents
Dream Powder - Casts Sleepel on all opponents
Earth Drum - Casts Quake2 on all opponents
Earth Mallet - Casts Quake3 on all opponents
Fire Fang - Casts Fire2 on all opponents
Fire Veil - Casts Fire3 on all opponents
Ghost Hand - Drains MP from one opponent. Effect reversed on undead.
Graviball - Casts Demi on one opponent
Grenade 80 Explosive damage against one opponent
Hero Drink - Temporarily increases all stats
Holy Torch - Casts Despell on one ally
Hourglass - Causes Stop to all enemies
Ice Crystal - Casts Ice3 on all opponents
Impaler 500 Turns an opponent into a frog
Ink - Inflicts Darkness on all opponents
Kiss of Death - Attempts to cause death to all enemies. Heals undead.
Light Barrier - Casts Barrier on all allies
Loco Weed - Casts Confu on all opponents
Lunar Curtain - Casts MBarrier on party
Mirror - Casts Reflect on party
Molotov 400 Fire damage on one opponent
M-tentacles - Casts Bio3 on all opponents
Mute Mask - Casts Silence on all opponents
Right Arm 500 Battle Points Explosive damage against all opponents
Shrapnel - Explosive damage against all opponents
Shrivel 500 Casts Mini on an opponent
S-mine 1000 Explosive damage against one opponent
Smoke Bomb - Allows escape from battle or "Give Up" in Battle Square
Speed Drink - Casts Haste on one ally
Spider Web - Slows all opponents
Stardust 8000 Battle Points Casts Comet2 on all opponents
Swift Bolt - Casts Bolt3 on all oppontents
T/S Bomb - Casts Demi2 on one opponent
Vaccine - Prevents negative status
Vagyrisk Claw - Petrifies an enemy
Vampire Fang - Drains HP from one opponent.  Effect reversed on undead.
War Gong - Casts Berserk on all opponents

Chocobo Greens
Item Price Effect
Curiel Greens 1000 Increase speed and stamina
Gysahl Greens 100 Increase speed and stamina
Krakka Greens 250 Increase intelligence
Mimett Greens 1500 Increase speed
Pahsana Greens 800 Increase tameness and intelligence
Reagan Greens 3000 Increase speed and stamina
Sylkis Greens 5000 Increase speed, stamina, and intelligence
Tantal Greens 400 Increase stamina and intelligence

Chocobo Nuts
Item Price Effect
Carob Nut 500 Used to breed Chocobos
Lasan Nut 600 Used to breed Chocobos
Luchile Nut 200 Used to breed Chocobos
Pepio Nut 100 Used to breed Chocobos
Porov Nut 2000 Used to breed Chocobos
Pram Nut 1500 Used to breed Chocobos
Saraha Nut 400 Used to breed Chocobos
Zeio Nut - Used to breed Chocobos

Miscellaneous Items
Item Price Effect
1/35 Soldier - Shin-Ra armoured attack soldiers. 12 in the set.
Save Crystal - Create a Save Point anywhere in the North Cave
Super Sweeper - A new machine to protect the reactor
Tissue - Loser's consolation prize in Battle Square

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