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Yuffie Kisarigi

Vital Statistics
Job Materia Hunter/Ninja
Age 16
Weapon Knife, boomerang, origami
Height 5'2"
Birthdate November 20
Birthplace Wutai
Blood Type A

Yuffie is immature, annoying, and quite the spoiled brat on occasion. She also has a tendency to get seasick. This "Materia Hunter" is likely to hunt the Materia right out of your pockets if you don't keep a very, very close eye on her. For all of that, though, she is a decently powerful fighter, and also possesses a healing Limit Break, which makes her relatively useful.

Yuffie's Limit Breaks
Level Name How to Get It Effect
1 Greased Lightning n/a Hits one enemy, light damage
1 Clear Tranquil Use "Greased Lightning" 8 times Each ally is healed by amount equal to 50% of their HP max
2 Landscaper Inflict killing blow on 80 enemies Moderate damage to all enemies
2 Bloodfest Use "Landscaper" 8 times Hits ten times at random, light damage each
3 Gauntlet Inflict killing blow on a total of 160 enemies Heavy damage to all enemies
3 Doom of the Living Use "Gauntlet" 8 times Hits 15 times at random for light damage each
4 All Creation Use "All Creation" item Hits all enemies, very heavy damage

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