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Vincent Valentine

Vital Statistics
Job Unemployed
Age 27
Weapon Gun
Height 6'
Birthdate October 13
Birthplace Unknown
Blood Type A

Vincent is one of two optional characters available in the game, Yuffie being the other. He is dark and brooding, and frankly a bit goth. (I mean, you do find him in a coffin in a basement.) He has his own personal reasons for joining the fight against Shin-Ra--reasons perhaps more personal than anyone else's. Most of his weapons are long-range, making him a rather effective back-row fighter. His Limit Breaks, however, are uncontrollable and rather unpredictable.

Vincent's Limit Breaks
Level Name How to Get It Effect
1 Galian Beast n/a Increased speed, increased evade, 30% higher HP max. Berserk Dance almost always hits for light damage. Beast Flair inflicts heavy fire damage.
2 Death Gigas Inflict killing blow on 60 enemies Increased defense, double HP, but slow and weak vs. magic. Uses Gigadunk (physical attack) and Live Spark (lightning-typed damage)
3 Hell Masker Inflict killing blow on a total of 120 enemies Strong physical defense, weak offense. Splatter Combo hits five times, for about the same total damage as Gigadunk. Nightmare inflicts Sleep, Poison, Confuse, Silence, Frog, and Mini
4 Chaos Use "Chaos" Item Very strong physical and magic defense and powerful offense. Chaos Saber is like Gigadunk but targets all enemies. Satan Impact does massive typeless damage and sometimes kills instantly

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