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Tifa Lockheart

Vital Statistics
Job Bartender and member of AVALANCHE
Age 20
Weapon Glove
Height 5'4"
Birthdate May 3
Birthplace Nibelheim
Blood Type B

Tifa is one of those bright, sweet, optimistic people. She's all about cheering other people up and keeping the party going. Her bar, 7th Heaven, is a main meeting place for the members of AVALANCHE, and she keeps an eye on Barret's four-year-old daughter, Marlene. Tifa uses no weapon but her formidable fists.

Tifa's Limit Breaks work a little differently than everyone else's. They are all cumulative. I have therefore not given effects, as basically they are all just powerful attacks.

Tifa's Limit Breaks
Level Name How to Get It
1 Beat Rush n/a
1 Somersault Use "Beat Rush" 8 times
2 Water Kick Inflict the killing blow on 80 enemies
2 Meteodrive Use "Water Kick" 8 times
3 Dolphin Blow Kill a total of 160 enemies
3 Meteor Strike Use "Dolphin Blow" 8 times
4 Final Heaven Use the "Final Heaven" item

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