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Cloud Strife

Vital Statistics
Job Mercenary
Age 21
Weapon Sword
Height 5'7"
Birthdate August 19
Birthplace Nibelheim
Blood Type AB

Cloud is the main character of Final Fantasy VII. He was formerly a member of the elite Shin-Ra shock troops, SOLDIER, but has since left the organization and become a freelancer. He joins up with the rebel group AVALANCHE because they offer enough money to meet his asking price. He doesn't care about the reasons or the goals, he just cares about getting paid.

Cloud tries to come off as cold and uncaring, but at heart he carries a great deal of uncertainty and tangled-up emotions. He has a complicated past and doesn't seem quite sure of how it fits into his present--if it fits in at all.

Cloud's Limit Breaks
Level Name How to Get It Effect
1 Braver n/a Focuses energy into sword and attacks for moderate damage to single target
1 Cross Slash Use "Braver" 8 times Slightly more damage than Braver; paralysis condition
2 Blade Beam Inflict the killing blow on 80 enemies Blasts one enemy with energy for moderate damage; other enemies take damage equal to 1/4 of that amount
2 Climhazzard Use "Blade Beam" 8 times Heavy damage to one enemy
3 Meteorain Inflict the killing blow on a total of 160 enemies Six meteors hit enemies at random for light damage
3 Finishing Touch Use "Meteorain" 8 times Creates a giant tornado which kills all normal enemies instantly; moderate damage to each target against bosses
4 Omnislash Use "Omnislash" Item Hits fifteen times, random targeting, for moderate damage each

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