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Cid Highwind

Vital Statistics
Job Pilot
Age 32
Weapon Spear
Height 5'8"
Birthdate February 22
Birthplace Unknown
Blood Type B

Cid was once a pilot with Shin-Ra's space program. However, circumstances denied him his opportunity to sail into space, and he became resentful and angry. He is the only party member who can compete with Barret in a swearing contest. Despite hsi rough and tough exterior, Cid has a good heart. It's just a matter of finding it under all the expletives and temper. Cid is one of your powerhouse characters, and wields one of only two weapons in the game capable of earning triple AP for your Materia.

Cid's Limit Breaks
Level Name How to Get It Effect
1 Boost Jump n/a Hits one enemy, moderate damage
1 Dynamite Use "Boost Jump" 8 times Hit all enemies, light damage each
2 Hyper Jump Inflict the killing blow on 80 enemies Hits all enemies, moderate damage
2 Dragon Use "Hyper Jump" 8 times Single enemy is struck for light damage; Cid gains an amount of HP and MP equal to that enemy's current MP
3 Dragon Dive Inflict the killing blow on a total of 160 enemies Strikes six times at random for light damage
3 Big Brawl Use Dragon Dive 8 times Hits at random 8 times for light damage
4 Highwind Use "Highwind" item Strikes randomly 18 times for light damage

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