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Cait Sith

Vital Statistics
Job Toysaurus
Age Unknown
Weapon Megaphone
Height 3'2"
Birthdate Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Cait Sith is a ridiculous creature who presents himself to you as a fortune teller. He is quite useless and terrible at fortune telling--nearly as useless as he is in battle. His Limit Break is as unpredictable as he is--it's all about chance. The most interesting thing about him is his name. Pronouced "ket shee," it is actually the name of a type of Celtic faerie.

Cait Sith's Level 2 limit break has many possible outcomes, as it is a slot machine. All outcomes are listed.

Cait Sith's Limit Breaks
Level Name How to Get It Effect
1 Lucky Dice n/a Throws two to six dice, totals added up, multiplied by 100,200, 300, or 400, and enemy takes that much damage
2 Toy Box losing spin Item at random dropped from toy box onto a single foe
2 Toy Soldiers Three crowns Small army of toy soldiers attack all enemies for fairly heavy damage
2 Mog Dance Three stars Entire party refilled to HP and MP max
2 Lucky Gal Three hearts All regular attacks will be critical hits for the rest of the battle
2 Random Summon Spell Three bars One summon spell automatically cast, costs no MP
2 Combine Three Cait Siths All three party members jump into Cait Sith's suit and create mega-character whose HP is equal to HP total of all three members added together. Attacks do a lot of damage
2 All Over Cait Sith's face All enemies are killed regardless of whether or not they can resist instant death
2 Joker Death Left and center parts of Cait Sith's face, right-hand slot is Bar All party members die instantly. Can't be prevented.

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