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Barret Wallace

Vital Statistics
Job Leader of AVALANCHE
Age 35
Weapon Gun-Arm
Height 6'4"
Birthdate December 15
Birthplace Corel Village
Blood Type O

Barret has organized the underground resistance movement AVALANCHE to fight against Shin-Ra and their exploitation of the Planet. He is deeply devoted to this cause and would storm the headquarters of Shin-Ra itself if he thought it would do any good. He is also notable for his foul mouth. Barret is raising a little girl, Marlene, whose mother died years ago. He is very devoted to his daughter.

Barrett's Limit Breaks
Level Name How to Get It Effect
1 Heavy Shot n/a Hits one enemy for moderate damage
1 Mind Break Use "Heavy Shot" 8 times Foe's MP reduced to 0, ineffective against some bosses
2 Grenade Bomb Inflict the killing blow on 80 enemies Moderate damage to all enemies
2 Hammer Blow Use "Grenade Bomb" 8 times Kills one enemy instantly; ineffective on bosses and some enemies
3 Satellite Beam Inflict the killing blow on a total of 160 enemies Moderate to heavy damage to all targets
3 Anger Max Use "Satellite Beam" 8 times Fires 18 rounds at random, light damage each
4 Catastrophe Use "Catastrophe" item Hits at random 20 times, light damage each

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