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Aeris Gainsborough

Vital Statistics
Job Flower Merchant
Age 22
Weapon Rod
Height 5'3"
Birthdate February 7
Birthplace Unknown
Blood Type O

Aeris is a gentle flower merchant who knows a whole lot more than she's letting on. For some reason, Shin-Ra is after her, but she pretends she doesn't know why. She takes Cloud on as a bodyguard. Aeris doesn't hit hard physically, but she packs a serious magic punch. In addition, her Limit Breaks are some of the best in the game.

Aeris' Limit Breaks
Level Name How to Get It Effect
1 Healing Wind n/a Recovers one-half of each characters HP Max
1 Seal Evil Use "Healing Wind" 8 times Casts Stop and Silence on all enemies.
2 Breath of the Earth Inflict the killing blow on 80 enemies All status conditions including positive ones dispelled
2 Fury Brand Use "Breath of the Earth" 8 times All party members' limit gauges are full except Aeris's
3 Planet Protector Inflict the killing blow on a total of 160 enemies All party members invulnerable for a limited amount of time
3 Pulse of Life Use "Planet Protector" 8 times Completely refills HP and MP of all characters, even dead ones
4 Great Gospel Use "Great Gospel" item Totally refills all HP and MP, all party members invulnerable for limited amount of time

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