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Spell Guide

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Here is a complete list of the spells in Final Fantasy VI, organized by type and listed with their MP cost and effect.

Recovery Magic
Spell MP Cost Description
Cure 5 Restores a small amount of HP. Targets one or all allies.
Cure2 25 Restores three times as much HP as Cure. Targets one or all allies.
Cure3 40 Restores 7 times as much HP as Cure. Targets one or all allies.
Antidote 3 Heals Poisoned status. Targets one character.
Life 30 Revives a fainted ally or kills an undead enemy. Single-target.
Life2 60 Revives a fainted ally and completely restores his/her HP. Single-target.
Life3 50 Cast on a fighter BEFORE s/he is knocked out, and the character will automatically be revived if s/he is knocked out. Single-target.
Remedy 15 Heals all abnormal status effects except Zombie and Imp. Single-target.
Regen 10 Gradually restores a character's HP over time (the opposite of Poison.) Single-target.

Attack Magic
Spell MP Cost Effects
Fire 4 Weak fire-elemental attack. Targets one/all enemies.
Fire2 20 Fire-elemental attack; three times as strong as Fire. Targets one/all enemies.
Fire3 51 Fire-elemental attack; six times as strong as Fire. Targets one/all enemies.
Bolt 6 Weak lightning-elemental attack. Targets one/all enemies.
Bolt2 22 Lightning-elemental attack; three times as strong as Bolt. Targets one/all enemies.
Bolt3 53 Lightning-elemental attack; six times as strong as Bolt. Targets one/all enemies.
Ice 5 Weak ice-elemental attack. Targets one/all enemies.
Ice2 21 Ice-elemental attack; three times as strong as Ice. Targets one/all enemies.
Ice3 52 Ice-elememental attack; six times as strong as Ice. Targets one/all enemies.
Poison 3 Causes Poison status. Targets one enemy.
Bio: 26 More powerful version of Poison. Targets one/all enemies.
Drain 15 Takes HP from the target and transfers it to the caster. Targets a single enemy.
Break 25 Attempts to cause the Petrify condition. Targets a single enemy.
Pearl 40 Powerful holy-elemental attack. Targets one enemy.
Demi 33 Reduces target's HP by half. Targets one enemy.
Quartr 48 Reduces targets' HP by 75%. Targets all enemies.
X-Zone 53 Sends enemies to another dimension, and they can't come back. Targets all enemies.
Doom 35 Destroys a single enemy.
Flare 45 Powerful non-elemental attack. Targets one enemy.
Meteor 62 A meteor shower strikes all enemies.
Ultima 80 The best spell in the game, in my opinion. Causes massive non-elemental damage to all enemies.
W.Wind 75 Creates a giant tornado that cuts everyone's HP by 90%. Targets all enemies AND all allies.
Quake 50 Causes Earth-elemental damage to anyone not in the Float condition. Targets all enemies AND all allies.
Merton 85 Enormous Fire-elemental damage to all enemies AND all allies.

Effect Magic
Spell MP Cost Effects
Scan 3 Displays an enemy's level, HP/MP, and elemental weakness. Targets a single enemy.
Rasp 12 Reduces an enemy's MP. Targets one enemy.
Safe 12 Reduces physical damage taken by target. Affects one target.
Slow 5 Reduces target's speed, so that the target attacks less frequently. Affects one target.
Slow2 25 Casts Slow on either all allies, or all enemies.
Sleep 5 Puts a single target into the Sleep condition.
Muddle 8 Causes the Muddle condition to a single target.
Haste 10 Raises a single target's speed, so that the target attacks more frequently.
Haste2 38 Casts Haste on either all allies or all enemies.
Shell 15 Raises a single target's magic defense.
Reflect 22 Creates a magical barrier that reflects most magic attacks, causing them to "bounce off" the target and instead affect the caster. Spells that have already been Reflected off one target cannot be Reflected again. Affects a single target.
Float 17 Causes the target to float in the air. Floating characters are not affected by Earth-elemental magic.
Imp 10 Causes the Imp condition, which severely limits the target's battle options. May also be used to cure the Imp condition. Affects a single target.
Berserk 16 You lose control of the targeted character. Berserked allies or enemies can use only physical attacks against random targets. Affects one enemy or ally.
Vanish 18 Makes the target temporarily invisible, thereby making the target immune to physical attacks; however, the target is particularly susceptible to magic. Affects one target.
Mute 8 Causes the Mute condition, in which the target cannot use magic. Affects a single target.
Quick 99 Greatly increases the target's speed, allowing the target to take 2 more turns immediately. ONLY affects the caster.
Stop 10 Causes the Stop condition, in which the target is temporarily frozen and cannot perform actions in battle. Affects a single target.
Osmose 1 Absorbs MP from a single target and transfers it to the caster.
Warp 20 Allows the party to escape from battles, dungeons, or towns instantly. Affects all allies.
Dispel 25 Removes some status conditions from the target, but will not remove all. Affects a single target.

Spell Learning Rates

As you probably know, you learn spells by equipping Espers (and sometimes certain weapons or armor). The speed at which you learn the spells varies by Esper or equipment. Listed below are the learning rates for each spell, so you can easily find out how to learn a spell fastest. To find out about the magic-learning rates of your equipment, check the item lists.

Recovery Magic
Spell Esper Rate
Cure Starlet 25
Sraphim 20
Kirin 5
Shiva 3
Cure2 Starlet 16
Sraphim 8
Golem 5
Unicorn 4
Kirin 1
Cure3 Phoenix 2
Starlet 1
Antidote Kirin 4
Life Phoenix 10
Sraphim 5
Bismark 2
Life2 Phoenix 2
Life3 Phoenix 1
Remedy Starlet 20
Alexander 15
Sraphim 4
Unicorn 3
Regen Starlet 20
Sraphim 10
Kirin 3

Offensive Magic
Spell Esper Rate
Fire Bismark 20
Ifrit 10
Siren 6
Fire2 Ifrit 5
Maduin 3
Fire3 Phoenix 3
Tritoch 1
Bolt Bismark 20
Ramuh 10
Bolt2 Maduin 3
Ramuh 2
Bolt3 Tritoch 1
Ice Bismark 20
Shiva 10
Ice2 Shiva 5
Maduin 3
Ice3 Tritoch 1
Bio Shoat 8
Poison Ramuh 5
Drain Ifrit 1
Break Shoat 5
Pearl Alexander 2
Demi Phantom 5
X-Zone Fenrir 5
Doom Shoat 2
Flare Bahamut 2
Quarter Terrato 1
Meteor Crusader 10
Odin 1
Ultima Ragnarok 1
W.Wind Terrato 1
Quake Terrato 3
Merton Crusader 1

Effect Magic
Scan Kirin 5
Rasp Zoneseek 20
Shiva 4
Safe Alexander 10
Golem 5
Carbunkl 2
Unicorn 1
Slow Palidor 20
Siren 7
Slow2 Palidor 2
Sleep Siren 10
Muddle Stray 7
Haste Palidor 20
Carbunkl 3
Haste2 Palidor 2
Shell Alexander 10
Zoneseek 5
Carbunkl 2
Unicorn 1
Reflect Carbunkl 5
Float Palidor 5
Stray 2
Imp Stray 5
Berserk Phantom 3
Vanish Phantom 3
Mute Siren 8
Quick Raiden 1
Stop Golem 5
Fenrir 3
Osmose Zoneseek 15
Shiva 4
Warp Fenrir 10
Carbunkl 2
Dispel Alexander 10
Unicorn 2

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