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Occupation Yeti
Age 4
Height 6'10"
Weight 436 lbs
Special Skill Rage/Blizzard
Desperation Attack None
Can Equip Snow Muffler, Bone Club

"Admirer of bone-carvings, as strong as a gigas, a yeti pal with muscle!"

Umaro lives in the caves of Narshe; you can occasionally see him in the opening to a mine shaft before you can get him in your party. The only one he'll really listen to is Mog, so make sure you bring Mog along when you go to get Umaro. Unlike other characters, Umaro cannot use magic, cannot equip Espers, and cannot use weapons and armour other than his Bone Club and Snow Muffler.

Umaro doesn't have 'special skills' per se. He does not have a Fight command and you cannot control him. Basically he flings himself at enemies. If you equip the Rage Ring, he will bodily throw your other party members at enemies, causing fairly massive damage. Equipping the Blizzard Orb causes him to use an attack of cold breath against enemies. Fighting with Umaro is like having a constantly Berserked party member. I personally don't care for it and use him as little as possible.

Initial Equipment: Bone Club, Snow Muffler

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