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Terra Branford

Occupation Gifted Magic Warrior
Age 18
Height 5'7"
Weight 105 lbs
Special Skill Morph
Desperation Attack Riot Blade (Terra throws energy blades at the enemy)
Can Equip Swords, Dirks, Shields, some Specials, Helmets, Hats, Light and Heavy Armor

"A mysterious young woman, controlled by the Empire, and born with the gift of magic . . . "

Terra's greatest strength is her magic power. Her attack and defense power is decent, too. She is very versatile--you can equip her with just about anything. She's just a good character all the way around.

Terra's special skill, Morph, can only be used after a few events in the towns of Narshe and Zozo. She can transform, with doubled attack power and magic power. Unfortunately, this skill is limited. When she transforms, a green bar appears next to her name. When that bar runs out, she automatically reverts to human form. When that happens, it takes several battles to get her to the point of Morphing again. The green bar depletes at different rates, depending on when she last Morphed. If you use the skill less frequently, you can use it for longer periods of time when you do. So, be cautious with Morph. I recommend using it only in boss battles, but of course it's your choice.

Initial Equip: Mythril Knife, Buckler, Leather Hat, Leather Armor

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