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Strago Magus

Occupation Ancient Lore Master
Age 70
Height 4'11"
Weight 94 lbs
Special Skill Lore
Desperation Attack Sabre Soul (Strago strikes the enemy with his weapon; may result in a one-hit kill)
Can Equip Rods, Hats ,Vests, Special Armour (e.g. Moogle Suit), Shields

"An elderly gentleman, pure of heart, and learned in the ways of monsters...."

Hailing from the backwater village of Thamasa, Strago is a powerful mage. He has little in the way of physical attack or defense, but he's excellent with magic. When he is in your party, you will need to make sure you keep an eye on his HP. Generally I only use him when I am in an area with creatures that are all weak against magic.

Strago's special skill is the Lore ability. Somewhat like Gau's Rage skill, it involves learning the skills that monsters can use. Anytime a monster casts a spell on Strago that he can learn, he may acquire a new Lore. There are 24 in all. Note: It's easiest to get Strago's Lores by putting both him and Relm in your party, then having her use the Control ability on the monsters you fight.

Initial Equipment: (Forthcoming.)

Strago's Lores
Lore MP Cost Effect Learned From
Aero 41 Whirlwind attacks enemies Doom Gaze, Sprinter, Tyranosaur
Aqua Rake 22 Water attack Chimera, Rhyos, Vectagoyle
Big Guard 80 Casts Shell and Safe on entire party Dark Force, Earth Guard, Mover
Blow Fish 50 Causes 1,000 damage, every time Brainpan, Cactrot, Mover, Phase, Presenter
Clean Sweep 30 Water-elemental attack Blue Dragon, Dark Force, Enuo
Condemned 20 Casts Doom on the target when the countdown reaches zero Critic, Still Life, Veteran
Dischord 68 Reduces target's level by half Figaliz, Iron Hitman, Pipsqueak
Exploder 1 Caster sacrifices self to deal damage to a single enemy equivalent to the amount of the caster's total MP. Balloon, Bomb, Grenade, Junk
Force Field 24 Randomly negates attacks of certain elemental types. Every time you use it, its effectiveness increases. Doom
Grand Train 64 Blasts enemies with energy, completely ignoring their defenses Hidon
L?Pearl 50 Casts Pearl on enemies whose levels are a multiple of the last digit of your current GP. (e.g if you have 10589 GP it will cast Pearl on enemies whose levels are a multiple of 9.) Critic, Dark Force, Dullahan
L.3 Muddle 28 Casts Muddle on any enemies whose levels are a multiple of 3 Apokryphos, Dark Force, Goblin
L.4 Flare 42 Casts Flare on any enemies whose levels are a multiple of 4 Apokryphos, Dueller, Goblin
L.5 Doom 22 Casts Doom on any enemies whose levels are a multiple of 5 Dark Force, Didalos, Sky Base, Trapper
Pearl Wind 45 Cures the entire party for an amount equal to the caster's current HP Dark Force, Sprinter, Peepers, Vectaur
Pep Up 1 Caster sacrifices self to fully recover an ally's HP/MP and remove abnormal status effects Flan, Junk, Muus
Quasar 50 Attacks a group of enemies with cosmic powers Dark Force, Goddess
Reflect??? ?? Casts Dark, Mute, and Slow on enemies protected by Reflect. Dark Force
Revenge 31 Deals damage to an enemy equal to the difference between the caster's max HP and current HP Dark Force, Dragon, Pan Dora
Rippler 66 Switches status changes between target and caster Dark Force, Reach Frog
Roulette 10 Randomly selects and eliminates someone in battle; can be either enemy or ally Critic, Dark Force, Veteran
Sour Mouth 32 Casts Mute, Imp, Poison, Dark, Sleep, and Muddle on a single target Evil Oscar, Mad Oscar
Step Mine ?? Causes damage to a single enemy equal to 1/32 of the total steps you've taken. MP cost is equial to your elapsed playtime x2 GreaseMonk, Mesosaur, Pug
Stone 22 Causes damage and casts Muddle. If target and caster are at the same level, it causes 8 times as much damage. Brawler, Iron Fist

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