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Occupation Ninja
Age Unknown
Height 5'10"
Weight 145 lbs
Special Skill Throw
Desperation Attack (Unknown)
Can Equip Dirks, Shields, Hats, Light Armor

"He owes allegiance to no one, and will do anything for money. He comes and goes like the wind..."

This mysterious ninja will drift in and out of your party, so don't expect to be able to rely on him. Shadow has a lot going on, if you know what to pay attention to (and of course I'm going to tell you.) The Edges--Fire Skean, Bolt Edge, Inviz Edge, Shadow Edge, and Water Edge--either cause an elemental attack to the enemy, or protect Shadow. Shurikens (and the Ninja Stars you can buy in the World of Ruin, in Thamasa) are probably the best things to throw--they're cheap, they do plenty of damage, and they're easy to replace. With the weapons, you have to remember that any item you Throw is gone for good, so be careful and don't throw that Illumina around! Shadow also has decent attack and magic power if you take the time to level him up with the right Espers.

Shadow's dog, Interceptor, will occasionally take hits for Shadow. Unlike the GF's of Final Fantasy VIII, you don't have to heal Interceptor. After Shadow and/or Interceptor take enough damage, Interceptor will randomly do a powerful counterattack. Don't discount his help!

Initial Equipment: (Forthcoming.)

Shadow's Dreams

Yes, we've all heard about those mysterious dreams of Shadow's. How many are there? What do they do? Can you cause something different to happen in the ending?

I've heard varying numbers of dreams. Most people claim there are seven. I've been all over the world map and slept in countless inns, and I cannot find more than five. You can get one dream in the World of Balance: when you leave Narshe for Jidoor, take only 3 people. When you meet Shadow in Kohlingen, give him the money he asks for, then sleep at the Inn (I warn you now, it's a hefty sum.) You should get the first dream. Shadow will probably take off soon thereafter. At any rate, you can get his next dream in the World of Ruin after you rescue him from the Veldt Cave. (If you didn't save him on the Floating Continent, you will find Relm in the Veldt Cave, and you will see a different piece of the story through her eyes.) Once you've retrieved him from the Coliseum, you have to sleep in various Inns to get his dreams. They seem to show up about once out of every four times you stay in an Inn. Stay at the Coliseum, in Jidoor, and in Thamasa. Move around. You'll eventually get all five.

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