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Setzer Gabbiani

Occupation Gambler
Age 27
Height 5'9"
Weight 136 lbs
Special Skill Slot
Desperation Attack Red Card (Throws three sets of cards at the enemy for moderate damage)
Can Equip Dice, Cards, Hats, Light Armor, Shields

"A blackjack-playing, world-traveling, casino-dwelling free spirit..."

A gambler to his core, Setzer is amusing and a little out there. His obsession with the Opera singer Maria is funny. Watch the scene with Gau at the House in the Veldt to see another aspect of Setzer's flamboyant personality. He's not a powerful fighter, but his special skill can be useful.

The most useful thing about Setzer is his airship! However, his Slot command works all right in battle. The idea is simple: select slot, punch the Confirm button to start the slots and hit it three more times to get your spin. Most of the spins are good, however, there is one that can destroy your party. Setzer's Slot command can be altered to GP Rain by equipping the Coin Toss Relic. Setzer will throw GP at enemies, and the cost to you in GP is the amount of damage he does.

Initial Equipment: (Forthcoming.)

Setzer's Slot Skill
Skill Spin Effect
Flash 3 Diamonds Attacks enemies with a flash of rainbow-coloured light
Chocobop 3 Chocobos A herd of Chocobos tramples the enemy
Magicite 3 Bars Summons a random Esper
H-Bomb 3 Airships The Airship drops a bomb on the enemies
MegaFlare 3 Dragons Blasts the enemy with fire from a legendary Dragon
7-Flush 3 7's Instantly defeats all enemies on-screen
Joker Doom 2 7's and a Bar Instantly defeats all enemies and allies
Lagomorph Any losing spin Recovers a small amount of HP for all party members

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