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Relm Arrowny

Occupation Artist
Age 10
Height 5'
Weight 88 lbs.
Special Skill Sketch/Control
Desperation Attack Star Prism (kills an enemy with a single hit)
Can Equip Paint Brushes, Rods, Hats, Light Armor, Special armor (like the Moogle Suit), Shields

"In her pictures she captures everything: forests, water, light...the very essence of life..."

This young lady has a lot of attitude for her age! Strago's granddaughter is similar to him insofar as her attack power and defense are quite low, while her magic power is relatively high. Relm's special power, Sketch, can and will cause the Super Nintendo version to glitch out, possibly even wiping out your saved games. This problem was fixed in Final Fantasy Anthology.

When Relm has the Fake Mustache Relic equipped, it transforms her Sketch ability. She takes control of the monster she Sketches. Rather than acting herself, she acts for the monster. This is great for acquiring Strago's Lore skills. Control will be broken if the monster is attacked.

Initial Equipment: (Forthcoming.)

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