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Occupation Moogle
Age 11
Height 4'
Weight 94 lbs
Special Skill Dance
Desperation Attack Moogle Rush (Similar to Sabin's Pummel Blitz)
Can Equip Spear, hat, light armor, Shield

"Human-loving, fast-talking, street-smart, SLAM-dancing Moogle . . . "

As fighters go, Mog is okay. His magic power is higher than his battle power, but his physical attacks are fairly good. His Dances can be useful; however, they can also be extremely irritating. For one thing, once you select the category of dance, you cannot control which dance he will choose to perform. For another thing, once a dance is successfully begun, Mog will continue to dance every turn (similar to Gau's Rage.) Personally, I find this annoying because I hate having characters that aren't under my control.

As a character, I think Mog is an adorable little critter. ("The hair! Watch the hair!") His character is not as developed as some (e.g. Celes or Locke) but he does stand out as an individual. If nothing else, he is a valuable addition to your party simply because of the Moogle Charm. That little item is quite valuable in the Fanatics' Tower (particularly on your way back DOWN.) I like having Mog in my party when I'm trying to do something quickly. (Sprint Shoes + Moogle Charm + Cancel button = you get stuff done VERY fast.)

Initial Equipment: Mythril Pike, Mythril Shield

Mog's Dances

Mog learns his dances as he fights in different types of terrain around the world. Each "Dance," of which there are 8 (and that seems to be a rather popular number in this game--8 Tools, 8 Blitzes, 8 Dances, 8 SwdTechs . . . ) has 4 attacks contained within it. When you select a Dance (e.g. Love Sonata) one of the four attacks is performed at random. This can get kind of irritating, because you can be waiting a LONG time to get the right one. The Dances, and the places where they can be learned, are listed below.

Wind Song
Mog learns these dances fighting in the plains.
Wind Slash Wind-elemental attack. Hits all enemies.
Sun Bath Restores HP for all allies
Plasma Powerful attack against a single enemy
Cockatrice Hits an enemy with a wild Cockatrice? Okay, whatever.

Forest Suite
Mog learns these dances fighting in the forests.
Rage A wind showers your enemy with dirt and leaves.
Harvester Cures abnormal status.
Elf Fire Hits an enemy with magic fire
Wombat A wild Wombat strikes the enemy O.o

Desert Aria
Mog learns these dances fighting in the deserts.
Wind Slash Wind-elemental attack. Hits all enemies.
Sand Storm Unleashes a raging sandstorm on enemies.
Antlion Quicksand swallows up a single enemy
Kitty Casts Haste on all allies.

Love Sonata
You can learn these dances while fighting in a town, such as Narshe or Zozo.
Elf Fire Roasts a single enemy alive.
Snare Sucks an enemy into a trap, removing it from the battle.
Specter Confuses a single enemy.
Tapir Cures abnormal status.

Earth Blues
Mog learns these dances either on Mount Koltz or in Kefka's Tower.
Land Slide Drops a ton of rocks on an enemy's head. Construction hats anyone?
Sun Bath Restores HP for all allies.
Sonic Boom Uses a sonic boomerang against an enemy.
Whump Hits the enemy with...a herd of wild animals....

Water Rondo
Mog can only learn this dance in the Serpent Trench in the World of Balance. There is no way to learn it in the World of Ruin.
El Nino Pulls an enemy into the undertow
Specter Confuses an enemy
Plasma Powerful attack against a single enemy
Harvester Dispels abnormal status.

Dusk Requiem
Mog learns these dances in caves. (You should learn it at the beginning of the game, while fighting the Imperial Soldiers.)
Cave In Drops boulders on the enemy
Elf Fire Slow-roasts an enemy
Snare Sucks an enemy into a hole in the ground, removing it from battle
Poison Frog Poisons an enemy

Snowman Jazz
Mog learns these dances in the snowfields at the north end of Narshe
Snowball Cuts an enemy's HP in half
Snare Sucks one enemy out of the battle
Surge Buries the enemy under an avalanche
Ice Rabbit Restores HP and status.

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