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Occupation Mimic
Age Unknown
Height 5'5"
Weight 132 lbs.
Special Skill Mimic
Desperation Attack X-Meteo (A large meteor strikes enemies 4 times)
Can Equip Dirks, Rods, Shields, Light Armor, Helmets, Hats

"Shrouded in odd clothing...is this a man...?...a woman...?...or should we ask...?"

Gogo is absolutely the most versatile--and hence one of the most useful--characters in the game. Nothing is known about him or her, although there has been rampant speculation as to his/her identity. S/he is a little below average as far as stats go, but his/her versatility more than makes up for the lack.

Gogo's special skill, Mimic, is only a small part of what makes him/her such an incredibly useful character. When 'Mimic' is selected, Gogo will ape the last action performed by a party member. For instance, if Terra went before Gogo and cast Fire3, Gogo will also cast Fire3. However, s/he has another, even more useful trick. Go into Gogo's status screen and press right on the D-pad. You may now select any three skills for Gogo to use. I generally choose Runic, Blitz, and Magic. Gogo will then be able to use the selected skill just like the character the skill belongs to. If Sabin knows Bum Rush and you give Gogo "Blitz," Gogo will be able to use Bum Rush. One last note about this nifty trick--if one member of your party knows a spell, it will appear in Gogo's inventory. Gogo cannot, however, equip Espers. So don't put him/her in a magically weak party and expect him/her to save your butt with spells. If nobody else in your current party knows the spell, Gogo won't either.

Initial Equipment: (Forthcoming.)

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