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Edgar Roni Figaro

Occupation King of Figaro/Mechanic
Age 27
Height 6'2"
Weight 169 lbs.
Special Skill Tools
Desperation Attack Royal Shock (beam of energy strikes the enemy)
Can Equip Swords, Spears, Shields, Dirks, light armor, heavy armor, Helmets, Hats

"The young king of Figaro Castle, ally to the Empire, and a master designer of machinery . . . "

I may not like the character personality-wise, but I have to admit Edgar is useful in a fight. Some of his tools are quite powerful--the Drill, Chainsaw, Flash, and AutoCrossbow are the most useful. I hardly ever use Debilitator and Air Anchor misses too often. Bio Blaster isn't very useful, and Noise Blaster only affects the enemy until you attack them. Edgar's magic isn't that great, which means he isn't a good party member for me, since I use a lot of magic. His versatility as far as equipment goes is a minor point in his favor; he can equip almost anything except those weapons that are particular to a single character.

Starting Equipment: Mythril Blade, Buckler, Leather Hat, Leather Armor


Edgar has eight tools that he can use. Some of them must be found, others can be purchased (generally at Figaro Castle.) The list of tools, prices, locations, ranges, and effects is below. The second price is the one you get if Edgar is leading your party at Figaro Castle.

Edgar's Tools
Tool Name Price Range Find Effect
AutoCrossbow 250 GP/125 GP All enemies N/A (Initial Equip) Physical Attack
Bio Blaster 750 GP/375 GP All enemies N/A Poisons enemies and causes light damage
Noise Blaster 500 GP/250 GP All enemies N/A Confuses Enemies
Drill 3000 GP/1500 GP Single enemy N/A Physical Attack
Flash 1000/500 GP All enemies N/A Blinds enemies, moderate damage
Chainsaw 2000/1000 Single Enemy Zozo Physical damage; randomly kills enemy (rare)
Debilitator 5000 GP/2500 GP Single Enemy N/A Creates an elemental weakness (e.g. Fire) in an enemy
Air Anchor N/A Single Enemy Fanatics' Tower Causes enemy to self-destruct

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