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Cyan Garamonde

Occupation Noble Knight
Age 50
Height 5'10"
Weight 158 lbs
Special Skill Sword Technique
Desperation Attack Back Blade (powerful slash to the enemy)
Can Equip Knife, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Hat, Helmet, Shield

"Faithful retainer to his family's liege, with the courage and strength of a hundred men . . . "

Cyan is definitely one of the best characters as far as physical fighting goes. Give him an Offering and a Genji Glove for true overkill. (Add two Scimitars into that mix, and your enemies won't stand a chance!) Cyan really is one of my favorite characters to have in my party. His magic power is a little low, but with the kind of physical attacks he has, that's not a real disadvantage. Although he is not a character that I use constantly, he is still a good fighter.

Cyan's Swd Tech attacks are excellent. It can get a little annoying to wait for the later attacks to charge, so I tend not to use anything higher than Empowerer unless I really want the high-powered stuff. Dispatch, QuadraSlash, and Empowerer are my favorites.

Initial Equipment: Ashura, Buckler, Leather Hat, Leather Armor

Cyan's SwdTechs
To use a SwdTech, you must wait until the gauge charges to the appropriate number. The techniques are listed in order here.
Dispatch A quick but powerful attack
Retort Causes Cyan to counterattack the first enemy to attack him that turn.
Slash Attempts to cut the enemy's HP in half and cause HP-draining seizures
Quadra Slam Cyan attacks four times at random
Empowerer Drains HP and MP from an enemy and gives it to Cyan. Do not use on undead enemies!
Stunner Causes damage to all enemies and casts Stop
Quadra Slice Like Quadra Slam, but twice as powerful
Cleave Hits all enemies for severe damage

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