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Celes Chere

Occupation Rune Knight; Imperial General
Age 18
Height 5'9"
Weight: 165 lbs
Special Skill Runic
Desperation Attack Spin Edge (Powerful spinning attack)
Can Equip: Swords, Dirks, some Specials, Shields, Helmets, Hats, Light and Heavy Armor

"Product of genetic engineering, a battle-hardened Magitek Knight, with a spirit as pure as snow . . . "

Celes was genetically engineered to kill for the empire, and while still a baby, was given an infusion of magic. She is a powerful warrior and a strong magicworker despite her somewhat fragile appearance. She is one of only two characters in the game who enter your party knowing a few magic spells. Celes gains more spells as she levels up, but eventually, the Espers make this ability obsolete. (Celes gains Ice-typed spells as she levels up, e.g. Ice, Ice2, Ice3, the curative spells, and Pearl.)

Celes is both a powerful fighter and a powerful mage. Her Runic ability allows her to absorb spells as MP. This applies to the spells cast by your characters as well as enemy spells, so beware. Also, if Celes is wearing armor that protects against a particular element, she may gain less MP, or even lose MP. For example, if she is equipped with the Fire Shield (which absorbs Fire as HP) and she uses Runic to absorb a Fire spell, she will actually lose MPs. Keep this in mind.

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