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Enemy Steal & Drop Guide (Hardtype)

by Lassarina Aoibhell

This guide lists unusual items which may be stolen from or dropped by enemies in Final Fantasy IV. I haven't listed things like Potions or Life items that you can get anywhere. I've tried to make it complete, but if I screwed up please let me know.

Steal and Drop Items (Hardtype)
Monster Steal Drop
Armadilo Silver [Shield] Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Silver [Hammer]
Balloon - Bomb
Behemoth Headband Avenger, Power, Strength
BlackCat Hi-Potion Cat Claw
BlackLiz Medusa [arrow] Medusa [Sword]
BladeMan Tent Cabin
Blue D. Hi-Potion Dragon [Whip], Shuriken
Bomb Potion Bomb
Carapace Silver [Shield] Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Silver [Hammer]
CaveNaga Poison [Arrow] -
Centaur Tent Cabin
Chimera Fire (Arrow) -
Conjurer Cure [Staff] Rune Ring, Silence [Staff]
D. Bone Potion Cursed [Ring]
D. Fossil Potion Cursed [Ring]
Dark Imp - Imp
Egg Medusa Arrow or Lamia Harp Medusa Sword, Angel Arrow or Ruby Ring
EpeeGirl Tent Cabin
EvilMask Hi-Potion X-Potion, Elixir, Glass [Helmet]
FlameDog Fire [Arrow] -
FlameMan Fire [Spear] Fire [Arrow], Flame [Shield], Flame [Sword]
Ghost Potion Cursed [Ring]
GrayBomb Potion Bomb
Grenade Potion Bomb
Grudger Bolt [Arrow] -
Horseman Tent Cabin
HugeNaga Poison [Arrow] -
Hydra Poison [Arrow] -
Ice Liz Ice [Arrow] -
Imp Potion Imp
Imp Cap. Potion Imp
Ironback Silver [Shield] Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Silver [Hammer]
Kary Artemis [Arrow] Artemis [Bow], Minerva
Lamia Lamia [Harp] Angel [Arrow], RubyRing
Lilith Ether1 Lilith [Rod]
MacGiant Cabin Ogre, Poison [axe], RuneAxe
Machine Bolt [Arrow] -
Mage Hi-Potion Mage
Malboro Remedy Yoichi [Arrow]
Marion Cure [Staff] Rune [Ring], Silence [Staff]
Medusa Medusa [Arrow] -
Ogre Hi-Potion Headband, Strength
Panther Hi-Potion Cat Claw
PinkPuff Ether2 Elixir, Ninja [Star], Pink [Tail]
Python Poison [Arrow] -
Red D. - Crystal [Ring], Dragon [Gauntlet], Dragon [Spear]
Red Giant Cabin Ogre, Poison [Axe], RuneAxe
Roc Feather Cabin, Hi-Potion
Screamer Bolt [Arrow] -
Sorcerer Cure [Staff] Rune [Ring], Silence [Staff]
Spirit Potion Cursed [Ring]
Staleman Earth [Hammer] Zeus [Gauntlets]
TinyMage Rod Ether1, Silver [Ring]
ToadLady MaidKiss Ether2, Life, Ribbon [Helmet]
Tortoise Silver [Shield] Hi-Potion, X-Potion, Silver [Hammer]
Tricker Potion Hi-Potion, Imp, Tent
Warlock - Ether2, Life, Ribbon [Helmet]
Warrior Tent Cabin
Witch Rod Ether1, Ether2, Silver [Ring]
Zuu Feather Cabin, Hi-Potion

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