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Status Guide (Hardtype)

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Besides damaging your characters with attacks, monsters are able to inflict status effects on your characters. While a few status effects are helpful, most are not. Your party, in turn, can inflict status effects on enemies using spells and certain weaponry. The following list details the status effects, how you know you've got them, and what to do when you need to cure them. I've tried to make this list as complete as I can, but I may have screwed up. If so, feel free to email me and tell me I'm wrong.

If a menu screen indicator is not listed, the status effect fades after battle. Unless stated otherwise, menu screen indicators appear to the right of the character's name.

Status Effects
Name Battle Indication Menu Screen Indication Effect Cure
Berserk None None Character's attack power increases by 50%. Character is taken out of your control, performs physical attacks and acts faster than normal. Unihorn, Remedy, Esuna
Confuse Character steps forward, turns to face his/her allies, and a green rotating circle appears over his/her head. None Character will randomly attack allies or self. Unihorn, Remedy, Esuna
Curse Dark cloud over character's head, character hunches over ? Attack power is halved. Cross, Remedy, Esuna
Darkness Character wears shades Sunglasses Attack rate halved Eyedrops, Remedy, Esuna
Doom White numbers over character's head None When countdown reaches 0, character will be KO'd End the battle. Quickly.
Float Character floats Feather Cannot be harmed by earth attacks or damaging floors (like in the Sylvan Cave) Tent, Cabin, or entering another floor of a dungeon.
Haste None None Character acts more frequently Dispel
KO Character falls down The word "KO" Character's HP is zero; cannot act until revived Life item, Life or Life2 spell
Mini Character becomes tiny Character's picture replaced by graphic of a tiny person Attack and Defense go to 0, character will be attacked more often, cannot use Throw, Aim, Jump or Cover Mallet, Remedy, Esuna
Paralysis Character hunches over and wavy black lines flash on either side of him/her None Character is frozen in place and cannot act. Unihorn, Remedy, Esuna
Petrify Character turns gray Small white rock Character cannot act. If entire party is petrified, Game Over. Soft, Remedy, Esuna
Pig Character turns into a pig Character's picture replaced by one of a pig Cannot cast any spell but Pig; cannot use Aim Diet Food, Remedy, Esuna
Poison Character turns purple and hunches over Beaker Gradual HP loss in and out of battle Antidote, Remedy, Esuna
Silence Speech bubble next to character Orange speech bubble Character cannot use magic EchoNote, Remedy, Esuna
Sleep Character hunches over and Z's appear above his/her head None Character cannot act until awakened Alarm, Esuna, physical attack
Slow None None Character acts more slowly Dispel
Stop None None Cannot act Dispel
Wall None None Most magic is reflected Dispel

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