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Boss Guide (Hardtype)

by Lassarina Aoibhell

For each boss, I will be listing vital statistics and strategies you can use. I have done my best to make a complete and accurate guide, but if you find an error, do please let me know. Bosses are listed in the order you would encounter them in the game.

Boss: Mist Dragon
HP 465
Weakness None
EXP 700
Gil 200

Cecil should use his regular attack; do not sacrifice his HP for Dark. Have Kain Jump. When the monster turns into Mist, cease attacks immediately and heal or parry. If you attack while the boss is mist, it will counterattack with the powerful ColdMist. When the boss resumes its dragon form, attack again.

Boss: Octomamm
HP 2350
Weakness Shadow, Bolt
EXP 1200
Gil 500

This boss's tentacles indicate its health level. Have Rydia and Tellah repeatedly cast Bolt1 on it while Cecil hammers away with his sword. As Octomamm weakens, his tentacles will disappear.

Boss: Antlion
HP 1100
Weakness None
EXP 1500
Gil 800

Make sure Rydia's HP has been restored prior to this battle; she will be your primary damage-dealer. The Antlion has a nasty little counterattack for anyone foolish enough to attack him physically. Therefore, have Edward Hide and Cecil parry while Rydia repeatedly summons Chocobo (Chocb). You will win the SandRuby in exchange for defeating Antlion.

Boss: Mom Bomb
HP 11000
Weakness None
EXP 1900
Gil 543

When the Mom Bomb changes shape, use Rydia's Chocobo summon to inflict as much damage as you can, quickly. Have Rosa heal the party, because a devastating attack is approaching. The MomBomb will explode, dealing 60-100 HP of damage to each character. Make with the healing again while the Mom Bomb splits into three Bombs (55 HP each) and three Gray Bombs (111 HP each.) Use Kick and Dark to weaken them, then direct powerful individual attacks to avoid the detonation attack.

Boss: Milon and 4 Ghasts
HP Milon: 3500; Ghasts: 200 each
Weakness Fire, Holy
EXP Milon: 3200; Ghasts: 50 each
Gil Milon: 2000; Ghasts: 100 each

Take out the Ghasts first. Tellah and Palom should be casting their strongest Fire spells. Have Cecil attack only Milon, as his Dark Sword will not harm the Ghasts. Porom should concentrate on healing the party. Milon will counterattack consistently with Bolt spells. After this battle, save and heal at the save point before continuing on!

Boss: Milon Z.
HP 3523
Weakness Fire, Holy, Projectile
EXP 3600
Gil 2500

Milon Z. attacks your party from behind (we won't discuss the potential wrongness of THAT.) Your first character to act should use the Row command to protect your poor weaklings (also known as the twins and Tellah.) Have Tellah and Palom pound Milon Z. with Fire, or use the twins' Twin Magic. Use Antidotes to cure the poison that Milon inflicts, and have Cecil use his most powerful attacks on Milon Z.

Boss: Baigan
HP Body: 4444; Arms: 444 each
Weakness None
EXP Baigan: 4000; Arms: 10 each
Gil 3000

Baigan's arms regenerate, so don't focus on them. Rather, have the twins use their Twin Magic attack and have Cecil attack the body. If Tellah uses spells against Baigan, he will cast Wall on himself. You can then cast Wall on one of your own party members and have Tellah bounce black magic off that person.

Boss: Cagnazzo
HP 5312
Weakness Bolt
EXP 5500
Gil 4000

It might behoove you to take a quick trip back to Cecil's tower after the skirmish with Baigan to replenish your HP. Equip Yang with BoltClaws. Tellah and Palom must cast strong Bolt spells each round to nullify Cagnazzo's Wave attack. Have Porom heal while Cecil attacks and helps Porom heal. When Cagnazzo uses the "Turtle Defense" and pulls into his shell (does this remind anybody else of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and their "Turtle Power"?), use the opportunity to heal and defend.

Boss: Dark Elf/Dragon
HP Dark Elf: 23890; Dark Dragon: 3927
Weakness Dark Elf: None; Dark Dragon: Holy
EXP Dark Elf: 1000; Dark Dragon: 6000
Gil Dark Elf: 4000; Dark Dragon: 5000

The first part of this battle is story-driven. You will get your ass kicked and there's bugger-all you can do about it. After the Dark Elf bends you over and has his way with you, a story event will take place. Take a moment to re-equip your strongest gear. Then go back to the Dark Elf and do battle. Use Tellah's Wall spell to defend against the Dark Elf's powerful magic, and use DietFood to cure the Piggy status. Use Yang's Power attack while Cecil and Cid use normal attacks. The Dark Elf will transform into the Dark Dragon, who is much the same except more powerful. Do not use magic against him; instead, have Tellah heal after the nasty Dark Breath attack while the others attack.

Boss: Magus Sisters
HP Sandy: 2591; Cindy: 4599; Mindy: 2590
Weakness None
EXP 2500 each
Gil 3000 each

These three work together to pound your party with the nasty Delta Attack, which is made possible by the fat sister's Wall spell. Pound her with everything you've got, but don't use magic. It will only be reflected back at you. Once the fat one is gone, take out the smallest one (the spellcaster.) You can then eliminate the tall one at your leisure. Physical attacks are the way to go in this battle; save Tellah's power for healing.

Boss: Valvalis
HP 8636
Weakness None
EXP 9000
Gil 5500

The Wind attack will knock your party members' HP critically low. Valvalis uses this attack while in tornado form; use Kain's Jump attack to force her out of her spin. Rosa must cure your party while the others attack. Beware the Glare attack, which will cause Slow Petrify.

Boss: Calbrina
HP Cal: 1369 each; Brina: 369 each; Calbrina: 5315
Weakness None
EXP Cal and Brina: 1000 each; Calbrina: 12000
Gil Cal and Brina: 1000 each; Calbrina: 5000

In the opening stages of this battle, let Rosa and Cecil deal with the red Brinas, which are weaker. Have Yang and Kain pound the stronger blue Cals to get more Exp. Soon they will unite into Calbrina. Use Rosa's Aim, Kain's Jump, and Yang's Power in conjunction with Cecil's regular attacks, and you should have no trouble.

Boss: Golbez and Shadow
HP ???
Weakness Golbez: Holy and Fire
EXP 15000
Gil 11000

This is a story driven battle. Use the summoner's newly augmented menu to pound these two, preferably with Titan, and have Cecil attack as well. This should take Golbez out in good time and reap some very nice rewards.

Boss: Dr. Lugae, Balnab, Balnab-Z
HP Lugae: 4936; Balnab: 4832; Balnab-Z: 4518
Weakness None
EXP Lugae: 5500; Balnab: 5500; Balnab-Z: 20
Gil Lugae: 2000; Balnab: 2500; Balnab-Z: 2500

Dr. Lugae will oil Balnab to heal it and keep it running smoothly, so you should defeat him first. Balnab will Detonate, damaging one of your party. Alternately, you can defeat Balnab first, in which case Dr. Lugae will take control of it and it will become Balnab-Z. After a few rounds of this, Dr. Lugae will accidentally Detonate Balnab-Z. Have Cecil, Kain, and Yang parry, Rosa heal, and Rydia summon Titan. It should only take a few summons.

Boss: Lugaborg
HP 9321
Weakness None
EXP 10101
Gil 4000

Lugae becomes a robot skeleton, making it difficult if not impossible to revive any characters you may have lost in the last battle. He will also cast Poison on your entire party. You can use Antidotes, but the idiot will remove the status a few turns later. Instead, use Rosa to keep your HP up. Have Yang use BoltClaws and Rydia cast Bolt2 or summon Ramuh. Cecil and Kain should attack while Rosa Aims Bolt arrows or heals.

Boss: King and Queen Eblan
HP ???
Weakness ???
Gil 0

This boss fight is story-driven and will end after a few turns.

Boss: Rubicant
HP 34,000
Weakness Ice
EXP 18,000
Gil 7000

Because Rubicant is just so nice, he'll restore your party to full health before the battle begins. He attacks with Fire, and attacks strongly, so Rosa will be kept quite busy keeping your party alive. Equip Kain with the IceSpear and have him Jump each turn, while Cecil attacks with the IceBrand. Rydia and Edge can use their ice or water magic to damage Rubicant, but only when his cloak is open. When he pulls his cloak shut, the Ice3 spell that would normally do 9999 damage will heal him instead. So have Rydia and Edge wait until the cloak opens again to unleash Ice3 and Flood.

Boss: Asura
HP 31,005
Weakness None
EXP 20,000
Gil 0

Equip Rosa with Mute Arrows or the Silence Staff. Give Rydia some Mute arrows too. Edge should have the MageMash equipped. Upon entering the battle, immediately cast Wall on Asura so that her powerful healing spells will benefit your party. The Titan summon is nicely effective. After this battle, make sure you rest and save.

Boss: Leviatan
HP 50,001
Weakness Bolt
EXP 28,000
Gil 0

Before this battle, equip the Flame armor on both Cecil and Kain to reduce the damage of Leviatan's water attacks--or at least make sure they're not wearing Ice armor. Equip everyone with anything Bolt-elemental you happen to have handy. Rosa will be kept very busy keeping you alive. Have Edge use Blitz and Rydia cast Bolt3, which is more powerful (and quicker) than Ramuh. Cecil and Kain should attack, and have Cecil help Rosa heal if really necessary.

Boss: EvilWall
HP 28,000
Weakness None
EXP 23,000
Gil 8000

Basically, stop this wall fast. If it reaches your characters, it will kill one party member per turn. You can try summoning Asura if you feel lucky, but I wouldn't recommend it. Instead, pound the wall with Leviatan, have Edge Throw the Fuma, and have Kain and Cecil attack. Don't use Kain's Jump, which will take too long. Rosa should cast Slow on the wall and then attack or heal.

Boss: Bahamut
HP 45,001
Weakness None
EXP 35,000
Gil 0

A word to the wise: Don't even think about it if you don't have FuSoYa in your party. Also, MoonVeils and StarVeils are your friend. You must have acquired Leviatan to get Bahamut. Have Rosa and FuSoYa cast Wall on your party, and have Rydia use StarVeils to help them out. Cecil and Edge should be the first to have the spell cast on them; the reflected damage of the MegaFire attack is greater than what they can inflict, so if it wears off them it's not as big a deal. When Bahamut's countdown reaches zero, he will cast MegaFire. Characters not protected by Wall will die. Everyone else will inflict powerful damage on Bahamut from the reflected spell. Recast Wall frequently and try to keep your party alive. After Bahamut blasts himself a few times and Cecil and Edge attack, he should go down and Rydia will be given the summon. I recommend using Exit to get the hell out of Cave Bahamut after this battle.

Boss: Four Fiends
HP 28,000 Each
Weakness Milon: Fire; Cagnazzo: Bolt; Valvalis: None; Rubicant: Ice
EXP 62,500
Gil 10,000

Rydia's Black Magic is going to be more powerful here than her Summon magic. This battle runs pretty much exactly like the previous ones, with a few exceptions. You cannot bring Valvalis out of her tornado form, so her attacks will be brutal. On the other hand, Rubicant will never close his cloak, so you can just pound him. Use Cure4 liberally and make sure you rest and save before you continue on.

Boss: CPU, Attacker, Defender
HP CPU: 30,000; Attacker: 3000; Defender: 3000
Weakness None
EXP 50,000 for all 3
Gil 10,333 for all 3

The Defender will restore 3000 HP to the CPU per round, while Attacker inflicts 250-500 per round. However, if you kill both support orbs, the CPU will use Globe199 to KO two people in one round. Instead, take out Defender to keep it from healing CPU. Keep Attacker alive, because your Cure spells can easily balance its power. While Rosa and FuSoYa cure you, destroy the CPU with physical attacks, because it will cast Wall to protect itself from magic. Once it's dead, Attacker is no problem.

Boss: Odin
HP 20,001
Weakness Bolt
EXP 18,000
Gil 0

Time is absolutely critical in this battle. You should definitely have Excalibur before you attempt this battle. Equip Rosa with Bolt arrows and put Bolt3 at the top of Rydia's Black Magic list. (You can rearrange the order of magic spells in the menu, in case you didn't know.) Odin will attack 3 times, then obliterate your party. Hit him very hard and very fast. Wait until after the Giant of Babil to try this, and you'll have a better chance.

Boss: White Dragon
HP 32,700
Weakness None
EXP 55,000
Gil 0

Cast Float on the whole party before you start this battle to avoid GaiaRage. Have Rosa counter its Slow spells with Haste. Avoid using Bolt magic; instead, have Rydia summon Bahamut or cast Flare. Rosa should cast Cure4 every round, because the White Dragon's Storm attack works like Wind, except on all party members (read: everyone to less than 10 HP.) Have Kain Jump while Cecil and Edge attack.

Boss: Wyvern
HP 60,000
Weakness None
EXP 64,000
Gil 0

Wyvern is like Bahamut, only even more of an ass. He will probably kill off one or more of your characters with MegaFire before you even get a turn. Quickly heal everyone and start protecting them with Wall and Star/Moon Veils. Revive the dead and do the same to them. Summon Bahamut and let Wyvern kill itself with reflected MegaFire while Cecil, Kain, and Edge attack. This boss is a pain, but the Ragnarok you win as a reward is WAY worth it.

Boss: Plague
HP 33,333
Weakness Projectiles
EXP 31,108
Gil 550

This boss is, frankly, a bitch. He will cast Doom on your characters. Have Rosa Aim with Artemis Arrows and Kain Jump to exploit his weakness against Projectiles. If you're going to run out of time, kill one of your own party members. Then revive him/her when the countdown reaches 4. Plague will re-cast Doom and reset the counter. Repeat this as necessary. Have Edge throw something reasonably powerful, but remember that you'll have the final battle coming up, so don't waste your best stuff.

Boss: Lunasaurs
HP 23,000 each
Weakness None
EXP 29,500 each
Gil 0

Cast Wall on one of your own party members while Rosa and Rydia bounce Fire3, Flare, and Holy off them. If Cecil has the Ragnarok, this battle will be much easier. Focus your attacks on one of them and eliminate it before trying for the other one, and this battle should be over quickly.

Boss: Ogopogo
HP 50,000
Weakness None
EXP 61,000
Gil 0

Ogopogo is to Leviatan what Wyvern was to Bahamut. Except that here, you can't use the Reflect strategy. Have Rosa just concentrate on keeping your party alive while Rydia summons Bahamut. Edge should throw expendable weapons from your inventory, but remember that you still have a final boss fight upcoming! If your party is managing to stay alive, have Rosa use Holy.

Boss: Zeromus
HP 65,498
Weakness None
Gil 0

Note: Don't even bother if your party's levels aren't in excess of 65. You will die. It's just that simple.

Those of you who have previously played this game are probably gawking at the HP stat. I got it from this site, which lists a lot of interesting tidbits about FF4. However, the HP stat is correct. What happens is that at some point during the battle, Zeromus's HP is totally refilled. What a nasty trick!

Anyway, when this battle starts, have Edge steal repeatedly until you get the Dark Matter. DON'T use the Crystal. Have everyone else just parry and hang out until Edge gets the Dark Matter; this will reduce the power of the Big Bang attack. Then, have Rosa cast Shell on the whole party. Once that's done, have Cecil use the Crystal.

Big Bang not only takes down 2000+ HP, it puts a "draining" effect on your party with their HP continually decreasing. Have Kain Jump repeatedly to escape the worst effects. Rydia should cast Meteo. Rosa will be kept plenty busy casting Cure4 repeatedly, but if she gets a chance, have her dish out the hurt with Holy. Cecil, of course, should attack with Ragnarok. Have Edge throw anything you might have, like Excalibur, the Knife dart, the HolyLnce, Defense sword, any of that. Zeromus's Black Hole removes all your protective magic, so cure yourself fast and then re-cast Shell.

Also, Zeromus counterattacks, he doesn't initiate. If you're desperate for time to cure, stop attacking. He will too after a couple turns.

I hope you've found this guide helpful. If you know of tips or strategies I should add, or if [Goddess forfend] I've made an error, let me know.

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