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White Magic Guide

Final Fantasy IV Hard Version

by Lassarina Aoibhell

White Magic is principally healing and defensive magic, although one or two offensive spells do exist. White magic may be used by Rosa, Tellah, FuSoYa, and Porom. Rydia can use white magic as a child, but not as an adult caller. Cecil can also use white magic, but his spell inventory is restricted to Cure1, Cure2, Esuna, Scan, Sight, and Exit.

White Magic
Spell Name MP Cost Effect Target
Cure1 3 Resores some HP; damages undead Single or Multiple
Cure2 9 More powerful than Cure1 Single or Multiple
Cure3 18 More powerful than Cure2 Single or Multiple
Cure4 40 More powerful than Cure3 Single/Multiple
Life1 8 Recovers from KO Single
Life2 52 Recovers from KO and restores HP to maximum Single
Esuna 20 Cures all status abnormalities except KO Single
Blink 8 Raises evasion rate by creating a "double" of the target Single
Float 8 Levitates target, avoids earth damage Single or Multiple
Armor 9 Reduces physical damage received Single or Multiple
Shell 10 Reduces magic damage received Single or Multiple
Wall 30 Magic cast upon target is reflected back to the opposing party Single
Holy 46 Attacks with Holy power Single
Hold 5 Immobilizes target Single
Mini 6 Causes or cures the Mini condition Single or Multiple
Mute 6 Causes the Silence condition, preventing target from using magic Single or Multiple
Charm 10 Causes Confusion status Single
Dspel 12 Dispels target's magic defense status (e.g. Shell) Single
Slow 14 Reduces target's speed in battle Single or Multiple
Bersk 18 Raises attack power, but character is only able to perform physical attacks and cannot be controlled Single
Haste 25 Raises target's speed in battle Single
Scan 1 Reveals target's HP, MP, and weakness Single
Sight 2 Zooms out and lets you view your surroundings -
Exit 10 Warps the party out of the dungeon or a battle Multiple

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