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Summon Magic Guide

Final Fantasy IV Hard Version

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Summon magic calls creatures to assist the party in battle. Only Rydia may use it.

Summon Magic
Spell Name MP Cost Effect Range
Asura 50 Randomly casts Armor, Cure3, or Life1 on allies Multiple
Imp* 1 Attacks enemy with Imp Punch Single
Chocb (Chocobo) 7 Attacks enemy with Chocobo Kick Single
Bomb* 10 Damages enemy with an explosion Single
Mage* 18 Attacks enemy with Blast Single
Mist (Mist Dragon) 20 Attacks all enemies with Mist Multiple
Cocat (Cocatris)* 15 Petrifies enemy with Gorgon attack Single
Ifrit 30 Fire-elemental attack Multiple
Shiva 30 Ice-elemental attack Multiple
Ramuh 30 Lightning-elemental attack Multiple
Titan 40 Earth-elemental attack Multiple
Odin 45 Attempts to KO all enemies Multiple
Levia (Leviatan) 50 Water-elemental attack Multiple
Baham (Bahamut) 60 Non-elemental attack Multiple
Sylph 25 Drains HP and transfers to all allies Single

* These summons are learned by winning the items of the same name. The items can be won from the following enemies:

Summon Items
Item Monsters
Cocatris Eagle, Roc Baby, Cocatris
Imp Imp, Dark Imp, Imp Captain, Tricker
Bomb Bomb, Balloon, Grenade, GrayBomb
Mage Mage

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