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Black Magic Guide

Final Fantasy IV Hard Version

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Black magic is mostly attack magic. Its spells are used for offense in battle. Black magic may be used by Palom, Rydia (both child and adult), Tellah, and FuSoYa.

Black Magic
Spell MP Cost Effect Range
Bolt1 5 Weak lightning-elemental attack Single or Multiple
Bolt2 15 Moderately strong lightning-elemental attack Single or Multiple
Bolt3 30 Powerful lightning-elemental attack Single or Multiple
Fire1 5 Weak fire-elemental attack Single or Multiple
Fire2 15 Moderately strong fire-elemental attack Single or Multiple
Fire3 30 Powerful fire-elemental attack Single or Multiple
Ice1 5 Weak ice-elemental attack Single or Multiple
Ice2 15 Moderately strong ice-elemental attack Single or Multiple
Ice3 30 Powerful ice-elemental attack Single or Multiple
Venom 2 Gradually drains away target's HP Single or Multiple
Bio 20 Poison-typed damage; gradually decreases HP Single or Multiple
Stone 15 Causes Petrify status Single or Multiple
Wind 25 A powerful wind brings the target to near-death status Single
Quake 30 Earth-elemental damage. Multiple
Death 35 KO's target instantly Single
Flare 50 Causes a powerful explosion Single
Meteo 99 The ultimate Black Magic spell Multiple
Psych 0 Absorbs target's MP Single
Piggy 1 Transforms target into a Pig, or removes Pig status Single or Multiple
Toad 7 Turns target into a toad, or removes Toad status Single or Multiple
Sleep 12 Puts target to sleep; target will be awakened if hit with a physical attack Single or Multiple
Stop 15 "Freezes" target; target is unable to take action Single
Drain 18 Absorbs target's HP Single
Warp 4 Warps party up one level in a dungeon Multiple

Twin Magic is special Black Magic that can only be used by Palom and Porom. Both twins must be alive and have sufficient MP to cast the spell. Note: When you select Twin Magic, the twins will randomly cast one of the two spells listed below.

Twin Magic
Spell Name MP Needed Effect Target
Pyro 10 A toned-down version of Flare Multiple
Comet 20 A watered-down version of Meteo Multiple

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