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Shield Guide (Hardtype)

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Welcome. I hope you find this guide helpful. I think it's accurate, but if you find a mistake please let me know.

Item Defense MagDef Effect Price Equipped By
Iron 1 0 - 100 Cecil, Kain, Cid
Shadow 1 0 - - Dark Knight Cecil
Demon 2 0 - - Dark Knight Cecil
Paladin 2 1 - 700 Cecil
IceShld 3 2 Halves fire damage 10,000 Cecil, Kain, Cid
Flame 3 2 Halves ice damage 1250 Cecil, Kain, Cid
Mythril 3 2 - 1000 Cecil, Kain, Cid
Aegis 4 3 Protects vs. Petrify 20,000 Cecil, Kain, Cid
Diamond 4 2 Halves lightning damage 15,000 Cecil, Kain, Cid
Genji 5 3 - - Cecil, Kain, Cid
Dragon 6 3 Halves fire, ice, and lightning damage - Cecil, Kain, Cid
Crystal 7 4 - - Cecil

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