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Items Guide

Final Fantasy IV Hard Version

by Lassarina Aoibhell

Items are sorted by property (e.g. recovery, offensive, etc). The selling price is half of the price listed for the item.

Recovery Items
Item Name Effect Range Price
Potion Restores some HP Single 30
HiPotion Restores more HP than Potion Single 150
X-Potion Restores more HP than Hi-Potion Single -
Life Reverses KO and restores a minimal amount of HP Single 100
Ether Restore some MP Single 10,000
Ether2 Restores more MP than Ether1 Single 50,000
Elixir Completely restores HP and MP Single 100,000
Tent Restores some HP and MP. Cures all status ailments except KO. Multiple 100
Cabin Completely restores HP and MP. Cures all status ailments. Multiple 500

Curative Items
Item Name Effect Range Price
Alarm Cures Sleep Multiple -
Antidote Cures Poison Single 40
Cross Cures Curse Single 100
Diet Food Cures Pig Single 100
EchoNote Cures Silence Single 50
Eyedrops Cures Darkness Single 30
MaidKiss Cures Toad Single 60
Mallet Cures Mini Single 80
Soft Cures Petrify Single 400
Unihorn Cures status ailments that would disappear after battle (Confuse, Berserk, etc) Multiple -
Remedy Cures all status ailments except KO Single 5000

Defensive Items
Item Name Effect Range Price
Illusion Helps character dodge attacks by creating double images of the character Single -
StarVeil Similar to the spell Wall (reflects magic) but lasts longer Single -
MoonVeil Stronger version of StarVeil. Lasts longer than StarVeil Single -

Offensive Items
Item Name Effect Range Price
Bomb Fire-elemental damage Multiple -
Big Bomb Stronger than Bomb Multiple -
Inferno Scorches enemy with Dragon's fire Multiple -
Notus Ice-elemental damage Multiple -
Boreas Stronger than Notus Multiple -
Blizzard Freezes enemy with cold Dragon's breath Multiple -
ThorRage Lightning-elemental damage Multiple -
ZeusRage Stronger than ThorRage Multiple -
LitStorm Strikes the enemy with a Dragon's lightning bolt Multiple -
GaiaDrum Earth-elemental damage Multiple -
Stardust Showers stardust, damaging any type of enemy Multiple -
Grimoire A book of summons that randomly summons a creature N/A -
Coffin Same effect as black magic spell Death Single -
Kamikaze Sacrifices user's HP in order to damage an enemy by the same amount; user becomes KO'ed. - Single

Support Items
Item Name Effect Range Price
Bacchus Causes Berserk condition Single -
Hermes Same effect as white magic spell Haste Single -
HrGlass1 Stops time for enemies, immobilizing them Multiple -
HrGlass2 Stronger version of HrGlass1 (immobilizes enemies for a longer time) Multiple -
HrGlass3 Stronger version of HrGlass2 Multiple -
MuteBell Silences enemies, preventing them from using magic Multiple -
Silk Web Spins web around enemies to hinder their mobility Multiple -
Succubus Restores your MP by absorbing target's MP Single -
Vampire Restores your HP by draining target's HP--DO NOT USE ON UNDEAD Single -

Miscellaneous Items
Item Name Effect Range Price
Alert Alerts enemies to your presence and pulls you straight into battle N/A -
Bestiary Works like white magic Scan Single -
Eagle Eye Zoom out screen to view surroundings. Works like white magic Sight. N/A 100
Exit Warps you out of dungeons to the surface; same effect as white magic spell Warp. N/A -
Smut "Oooh la la!" N/A -
Whistle Allows you to summon Fat Chocobo from anywhere except in battle N/A -
Gysahl Calls Fat Chocobo if used where you smell Chocobos N/A 50
Bomb Teaches Rydia to summon Bomb Single -
Cocatris Teaches Rydia to summon Cocatris Single -
Imp Teaches Rydia to summon Imp Single -
Mage Teaches Rydia to summon Mage Single -
AgApple Raises maximum HP by 50 points Single -
AuApple Raises maximum HP by 100 points Single -
SomaDrop Raises maximum MP by 10 points Single -

Event Items
Item Name Description
Adamant A rare ore
BaronKey Key to the town of Baron
BombRing Ring with a Bomb's spirit dwelling inside
Cyrstal A mystic jewel with the power to seal evil
DkMatter Reduces the damage caused by Zeromus' Big Bang attack
Magma Opens the way to another world
Necklace Key to the Sealed Cave
Pan A frying pan belonging to Yang's wife
Pass Pass to enter an exclusive area; costs 10,000 Gil
PinkTail A Pink Puff's tail. Maybe you can exchange it for something...
Rat Tail A small tail
SandRuby Jewel with the power to cure desert fever
TowerKey Key to the Tower of Bab-il
TwinHarp Allows you to speak across long distances

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